Friday, 11 April 2008

Loads of sock wool goodies

Vicky came to visit today with the sock wool goodies that she had ordered online for me. There is quite a variety - some Opal and Lana Crosse. A mix of wool ones and cotton ones and some stretch as well. I think they are from Get knitted although the rather yummy one in the second photo is a gift to me from Vicky and I think it's hand dyed Merino by Debbie Tomkies but I am sure Vicky will add a comment as to it's exact make up for anyone who also likes the texture and colour. I am getting very forgetful these days. She did tell me and I have forgotten already! I couldn't resist winding it up from the skein even though these supplies are for my after op recuperation knitting. I just wanted to know what it would look like in the ball.
I am a real dummy at looking for bargains on the net. My experiences of ordering yarn from Angel have been less than wonderful and it has put me off from trying again in case my bad experience gets repeated. Vicky seems to find all the bargains online so I am grateful to her for searching these out for me. Loads a wool for my sock stash. I will let my niece choose one colour for the separate toes socks she has requested. She can have any colour except the last one!
I am so happy with all of the colours and can't wait to start although I am considering getting a full set of Knit Pics needles if Vicky is ordering from Get Knitted in the future as I keep puncturing my finger end with the bamboo set I am using for the tiger coloured socks. I have read good reports about them and the Addi Turbos so would like to try them out.
Vicky bought her sweetheart sock in progress with her and it looks much nicer in real life than the photo on her blog. Lovely pattern and colour. She also bought me a crystal thumb stone in rose quartz to aid my recovery which I keep playing with as it is very soothing as well as having healing properties
I have quite a lot of things to finish off before I start any of these new sock wools. I have worked another couple of balls today into my niece Vicky's crochet jumper so it now has 2 sleeves and it's neckband done. I am working my way down the body now (it is started from the top down) so it should be finished in a couple of days. I then have to finish Anna's soakers, start Nikki's hat and a shawl for my sister in law. I also must start the second Tiger sock and break the second sock syndrome and finish off the second pair of thicker purple Classic Kid socks. Boy I am going to have a busy month. Maybe I can find time to sleep in between the knit and crochet I have planned. I shall definitely try the chocolate before bedtime theory to chase away bad dreams as suggested by Mattenlou. I shall buy some tomorrow when I do my grocery shopping.
Zuleika (Life in the Zu) has kindly offered to lend me a crochet hook with a light built in to see if I can use it. It sure would come in handy with all the black wool I have been crocheting lately. These old eyes are not what they used to be. I am borrowing it as I have bought bamboo and Brittany birch crochet hooks and can't use any of them so don't want to buy any more hooks until I have tried them out. I also like the look of the Clover hooks with the wider handle but Zuleika has said they make her hands ache so I would like to try before I buy on those as well.
I shall make a Horlicks and go to bed now as it is a little late to do any more crochet although CSI is on the TV and I can't resist if it's Gil Grisham (William Peterson) on the TV. Such a dishy man. Swoon.


June said...

What gorgeous colours, you will be kept very busy with all that yarn. I sent for a whole set of Clover crochet hooks in a tapestry case and I love them and use them all the time. I find the handles very comfortable. I bought them from a website called Purplelinda. It is worth having a look on that site as she specialises in crochet and has some lovely items on there. Looking forward to seeing your neck down sweater when it is finished.

Crobbles said...

The yarn from Debbie is Alpaca with a touch of nylon for strength. You are lucky you got it, it was calling to me, "Keep me, put me in your basket!"

ambermoggie said...

lovely colours Jan especially the last one:) I can see something shawl like in that for sure:)