Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Why don't I look like this now?

I have just finished hanging out my washing on the line to dry in the sunshine. Yes folks, make the most of it, Manchester has sunshine today. As I pegged out my over large unsexy harvest festival bloomers (all is safely gathered in) my thoughts drifted to the time not that long ago when I not only fitted in these size 14 trousers but my underwear was a lot more lacy and flimsy looking. The ones I wear these days probably frighten the neighbours and take as much room on the washing line as a pillow case!
What brought these thoughts on. A step on the bathroom scales did. I decided to check my weight to see how the half hearted weight loss for the op was getting along and horror of horrors I have gained 5lbs! Not quite the result I am aiming for. So it's zip my mouth up time. Is it too late to run to the store for a big box of Slimfast? I must do something asap otherwise I run the risk of the op being cancelled yet again because of my weight issues.
I never have been a skinny girl but these issues have come about since my relative inactivity. When I had the shop I was on the go all the day. The stockroom was upstairs so I ran up and down many times during the day. Plus my stock went to the ceiling and so I was up and down ladders so any food got worked off no problem. I gained a bit when changed jobs as in administration there was a lot of PC work so I sat on my bum a lot but still the weight gain was minimal. My back got worse, I stopped work and my weight ballooned.
I am doing some housework today and praying that I burn some calories off. I have changed the brown throws on the suite as lovely as they are they are brushed and Buster's hair sticks to them as if they are magnetized. I have just chopped up an old faded , shabby green throw to make 3 seat covers and hopefully they will be easier to keep hair free. Ugly but the hair doesn't stick to them. I promise that I will sew the edges up one day when I can lift the sewing machine up to the table.
The day has whizzed past today and I got up late. I was crocheting until 2am last night as I didn't feel sleepy and so consequently I didn't get up until 10 am this morning. Such a waste of the day. Buster wasn't impressed as he has missed his morning walk. I will take him out soon.

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