Friday, 18 April 2008

Tribute to Warren Flood

In my long winded road to back surgery I had many setbacks. The last being taken off the operation waiting list because I was allegedly morbidly obese and was subsequently lost in the system for over 2yrs.

In the end I enlisted the help of my local MP Ivan Lewis and met Warren Flood who listened with great empathy to my problems and was instrumental with his letter writing and phone calls on behalf of the MP to the hospital in re-instating me to the waiting list.

So it is with great sadness that I learned from the local newspaper today that he died suddenly, aged only 42, whilst coming round from back surgery at Fairfield Hospital. My friend asked me am I not more scared now but I have to think positive. I have a great surgeon and a different hospital not that I am suggesting that the hospital was in any way to blame. The inquest will decide that.

Sad loss to the community Warren was such a caring lovely man

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Zuleika said...

It was such a nice thing that he did for you, and such a sad ending to his life. It must have creeped you out that he'd just had an operation huh?