Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Crochet Today

Yesterday the postman brought me the latest copy of Crochet Today. Although there is not much in this issue that I will crochet I have posted the photos for you to see before you decide to buy this issue. Everyone's tastes are different and this might be the issue for you.
The photo of the red wellingtons is actually showing a pair of socks and there is a close up photo in the magazine.The feet and legs are black whilst the tops are multi coloured.
Not sure why anyone would want a crochet tea set but I suppose the crochet croquet balls would stop any windows getting broken, The strange red thing is a mushroom pouffe.

Nothing for me on this page although the granny square sofa throw has used pretty colours.

The sheep and numbers pram blanket is quite sweet which is why I have put an single close up photo of it below. The scrubby animals would make bathtime fun for a young child.

I have finished off one front and started the back of this jacket. I have now made this jacket about 6 times and it is always a favourite and not as complicated to crochet as it looks.

This is the sweater book that I got the jacket pattern from. Although it is quite an old book I have seen it available on some book sites although I think that the cover photo is different now. I have made several 'cabled' designs from this book.

I am still plodding away on the collar of this jacket. I have knitted about 3" on the collar but it has to be 5 1/2" so I have a bit of knitting still to go. The front bands extend along the edge of the collar so they will take a while to knit. Everyday I think that I will finish it off today but everyday something distracts me. I am determined to finish it off by the weekend.

This storage box caused quite a bit of hilarity yesterday. I had never been into a newish shop on the village that sells household things. I noticed that they sold storage boxes and so went in. I did cause a bit of havoc in there as their aisles were a bit crowded and I was taking waste paper bins and trays along the aisle with me and the scooter. I got rescued by a very nice man who guided me forward and moved a few things. I saw this over sized box and thought that it would be ideal for storing the machine cones in tidily. I obviously hadn't thought this through as when I bought it I then had the problem of getting it home. Once again the same young man came to my rescue and tied it to the front basket of my scooter trolley. I did cause a few stares on the way home and kept bursting out laughing at peoples faces as I struggled to see over the box on the way home. I wish there had been a video of me, and people's faces, as this box on wheels made it's way towards them with a head poking over the top of the box. I will go up again to get some smaller boxes but next time I will take my son's bungee straps that he used to use to fasten his tent and sleeping bag on his motorbike. I might not have such an unsteady load next time.
The cat has come in for his daily sleep. I didn't see him yesterday as the sun was shining and it was quite a warm day. He usually only visits me when it is dull or rainy so perhaps he knows more about today's weather than I do. At the moment it is lovely and sunny.
Today I plan to do a bit more tidying as the postman knocked whilst I was writing today's blog and has delivered me some small storage trugs. I am going to be so stash tidy in a bit that I won't know myself. As you know I am not the most organised of people and normally find the chaos of my crafting things quite acceptable but I must be turning over a new leaf as I now want everything to be in separate tubs or boxes. I doubt if I will ever be Kim or Aggie but there is some hope for me. I belong to the Quentin Crisp school of housework. He once remarked that no matter how long you left the dust it never got any higher than an inch. I have partially tested his theory and he is quite right! I want a housekeeping fairy that does my housework overnight. Has anybody got one? Are they expensive?
I must away now to wash up the dishes. I do wish that I had a dishwasher as the sink is at the wrong height for my back and even with my perching stool my back starts to ache the moment I put my hands in the sink. Still it must be done. I will treat myself to a coffee after that and then go back to the never ending collar and bands whilst I watch Loose Women.


Debbi said...

OMG I laughed out loud at the visual of you trucking home with your new storage tote! What a hoot! Somehow, I can see a scene like that in a Mr. Bean movie! Enjoy the sunshine....we FINALLY have warmer weather and sunshine here in Ohio as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, I can just see the faces of people are you "scoot" by with your large tote.

You're right about the magazine. There's nothing in it I particularly cared for either.

Good luck finishing up the sweater. Maybe today will be the day?

Laura said...

what a story! i loved it! sorry you had such a difficult time, though. BTW, because you mentioned that crochet book, i am now the proud owner of a good, used copy! it's a book i've been wanting to add to my library for about 6 years now. glad i purchased it. happy crocheting!

Anonymous said...

I am looking for several back issues of Crochet Today magazine to buy. The ones I need are May/June 2011, July/Aug 2011, Sept/Oct 2011 and Nov/Dec 2011. If anyone is interested in selling their copies please e-mail me at the following address:
Thank you in advance for your assistance.