Thursday, 24 March 2011

Crochet Pram Blanket

I loved working with this yarn. I wish that I could tell you more about it and buy some more of it but alas it was given to me by a friend and had no labels on it. It is a lovely loosely wound silky yarn. It has a sort of silky thread of cotton running along the yarn to keep the yarn together. If you recognise it then let me know as it was lovely to work with.

The pram blanket is not from a pattern. I just crocheted a length of chain that I thought was approx the right size and did a simple 5 UK treble shell alternating with a UK double crochet. When I had worked 3 of the 4 balls into the blanket I decided that perhaps it wasn't wide enough so I started to make a border all around the blanket using the same stitch as the main blanket. I used the remaining ball for the edging. As it has shades of pink and peach as well as lilac it will be destined for a baby girl whenever one comes along.

I still haven't started the chunky jacket for my niece as I decided to finish off the Oddpin knitting that I started for myself, using some vintage Diana chunky stash, at Knit Club a couple of weeks ago. As I only have about a quarter of a back to knit and then stitch the sweater up I should have that out of the way later today or tonight. Then I won't have any WIP and can concentrate of my niece's jacket.

I am glad that a lot of you share my love of the vintage patterns. My Mother used to always say that fashion goes around in a big circle and there are only so many styles in the world so they are bound to get repeated in time. I think that I will have a vintage crochet project or two when my time is my own. I am going to be busy - first the knitting machine and then the vintage crochet. It keeps me out of mischief - not that I ever get into any.


Anonymous said...

You're probably like me -- I'd like a little mischief now and then. Can't seem to find any of it at this point in my life.

Beautiful pram blanket. It does look like soft yummy yarn. Perfect for a wee one.

Kristine said...

Just beautiful! Love the purples. The colors remind me of spring.

Enid said...

such a lovely picture to start your post.

Indianka said...

Lovely blanket indeed! Simple pattern suits it so well. I have just found your blog by searching a star blanket and decided to join! Liked the welcome message of yours, inspiring :)