Thursday, 31 March 2011

Glow In The Dark

As you can see I could not resist ordering some more of the RYC Silk Aran from Kemps. I am saving money as it will never be this price again. OK so my reasoning it's a bit out of whack. How can I save money by spending it? Ask any knitter or crocheter and they will understand exactly what I mean. The baby colours are to go with the two balls that I already have in case I want to make another pram blanket and the other shades are still pending for the spider's web waistcoat.

This colour, although lovely, does nothing for me so I bought it deliberately to stash as it is perfect for my sister in law. She will love this shade and will appreciate the silk in the yarn and will hand wash it and treat it with care. I doubt that I will make anything for her birthday on April 23rd as I still have to finish my niece's jacket once Buster goes home but I can start early for her Christmas present (Wash my mouth out it is only almost April!) I will get my niece to choose one of my patterns for her Mum. I have 20 balls and she is really slim so I should have enough for a sweater or a jacket.

Whilst I was at the hospital waiting around yesterday I started the vintage pattern spider's web waistcoat. When people asked me what I was crocheting and I replied a spider's web I got a few funny looks!

The cardigan that I started for my elder niece is growing nicely. This Sirdar Silky DK shrugs off Buster hair and as I have had to bag up her knitting I wanted something to give her on her actual birthday although unless I put a spurt on I won't get done in time. I did a bit more on it last night and have got the two sleeves and the edging to do now. Hopefully I will get some done today.

Yesterday I spent hours at the hospital having another of those scan things where I got injected with radioactive stuff then after an hour got a set of 3 scans. I then had to wait around for another 2 hrs for the second set of scans. Each set of scans lasted for 30 mins so I was gone for a lot of the day. The technician let slip that my first set of scans last week had shown something up and so this set was to test for infection and was a closer look at the suspect area. Although I don't want there to be anything majorly wrong on the other hand it would explain why my knee seems to be getting worse instead of better. On Tuesday night it had swollen up so badly and my whole leg was rigid and so painful I couldn't sleep. The pain seemed to reach a peak during the night and then subsided so yesterday it wasn't as bad as it has been. I told the technician about the night before and he said that he would note it on the scan notes.When this happens I can't put any weight on my leg at all. I did check last night to see if I glowed in the dark but I didn't. I still had to put the lamp on whilst crocheting LOL. My appointment with the specialist in not until May so unless they contact me earlier I will have to wait for any results. No news will be good news but still not great as in the meantime I still have a painful swollen knee and my left one isn't much better.

Buster got a treat when I got home. I gave him a big pig's ear for being such a good boy. As he has problems holding his water I was fully expecting a puddle to deal with when I got home but bless his heart he had held on for all the hours that I was missing. He made up for it afterwards with a succession of what we call 'Buster wees'. He starts up cocking his leg then gets fed up and carries on doing a wee whilst walking all over the garden for absolutely ages hopping from one back leg to the other. I have never seen another dog do this.

We got up early but I am still not dressed. I was expecting the gardener early this morning so thought that I would wait until she arrived and then go for my shower. She must be delayed. I know that the moment I get in the shower that she will arrive and I have to be there to let her through the garage to the back garden. Once she arrives she will be here for an hour so I can leave her to it whilst I get ready for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, I do hope the knee is okay and there is no infection, but you are right, it would explain the problems wouldn't it? I'm sending hugs.

I love all the yarn you received. I get the emails from Kemps but of course, since it is in the UK, I don't buy any but the prices always make me swoon because they are amazingly good.

Take care!

DebbiH said...

I'll be so happy for you when they can, once and for all, diagnose the troubles with your knee so that you can be mobile once more (without Pearl!) Love the yarn, and I'm jealous as I've given up any "craft supply" purchasing for Lent. I did allow myself to purchase yarn for a NASCAR afghan I'm making for my brother's birthday/retirement celebration....but yarn that's not for myself doesn't count! I think I learned that from YOU! LOL!

Becks said...

Hope you don't mind me popping by - Mr. Google suggested you whilst searching for something knitty related.
Completely agree that spending money on bargain wool is actually an investment, just wish I could get my husband to realise the same.
I've been on a self imposed yarn ban since christmas and still have more wool than I could possibly use.....yeah right!
Anyhow, lovely blog and I may well just browse a little longer if that's ok?