Friday, 11 March 2011

Inside Crochet Issue 16

The postman brought me the latest copy of Inside Crochet. The amigurumi which I thought at first glance was an Easter chick but is in fact Leonard the Lion by Maggie Vassie is a lovely gift to give a child for Easter instead of chocolate.
I like the Jade wrap cardigan byLesley Arnold - Hopkins worked in a nice crossed stitch pattern. It is worked all in one for the main part but has separate sleeves that are worked downwards.

Rapunzel scarf by Hilda Panagary is worked in Noro Silk Garden to give the lovely shaded effect. It is made from 3 strips which are stitched together in a plait. Very unusual.

The Hearts baby cardigan by Linda Permann is worked in a fair isle pattern for the little hearts. A nice introduction to crocheted fair isle.

Next is the Cornflower top by Shannon Mullett - Bowlsby which is pretty but I don't like the frilly edging for myself as I think it would add to my wide bits.

The Ocean Stole by Anna Tirat - Gefen is a good way to use up sock wool but I would just make it in one colour instead of the barely noticeable two toned pattern.

The Goddess Tunic by Jennifer J. Cirka buttons on the shoulder and up both sides so would have to be worn over a T shirt or vest as there are large gaps between the buttons. Would be a good garment to hide the bulges.

The Clematis cushion by Barbara Lawson is very pretty but I have to confess that it isn't something that I would have in my house as it's a bit too fancy for my plain decor. I don't think that the dog would appreciate it when he comes to call.

The Star blanket by Ann Parri is a nice blanket but the colour choice is a bit too vibrant for my taste but it could look nice with a different set of colours.

The Baby sneakers by Irene Strange are very pretty. I have seen several patterns similar but as yet never got around to making any of them. The are always on my 'to do' list. Also in this issue are crocheted letters by Helen Free to either spell out baby girl or baby boy or to make up the name of the baby. More crocheted letters will be in future issues.

My order from E Kemp arrived today and I like the Sirdar Baby Bamboo DK so much that I have ordered some more. It is so soft and such a nice colour and will never be £1.39 a ball again. I have so many babies to knit for and this is such a good neutral colour.
The multi coloured wool is Sirdar Escape DK which has a high percentage of wool and was also £1.39 a ball. I will have to crochet and knit quicker as I have so many gorgeous yarns in stash waiting to be made into garments.
I have started the second front of the crochet cabled jacket and done about 6". I am really going to try to finish that off today as I am on a deadline for the middle of March and I have to make along knitted jacket for my niece, that I have yet to start, and her birthday is at the beginning of April. I should do some more work and less Internet browsing. Dashing off now to do some crochet as I feel guilty for wasting valuable crocheting time chatting on here and browsing the magazine.


Mad about Craft said...

I've just bought some escape at twice the price, I'm now going to have a look at Kemps website!

You will just have to beat to elves in the cellar harder-lol

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, love the Rapunzel scarf. What wonderful colors. I like that Ocean Stole as well, but I think I would make it a bit wider. Oh, that Clematis Cushion! The Star Blanket is beautiful, but I totally agree about different colors. I've been meaning to try some bamboo yarn myself. It always calls my name in the store. It will wait 'til next payday. LOL

Have a wonderful day!