Monday, 14 March 2011

Another Hospital Visit

Today I went to the hospital again. This time I did get to see a specialist. Not my specialist of course but a lovely man who actually listened to my concerns about my knee and agreed with me that something wasn't right. I had more blood samples taken to test for an underlying deep seated infection or a possible DVT. I also need another scan to see what it going on inside my knee as the X ray isn't showing much up except that the replacement is in the right place. He says that my knee isn't straight when I think that it is and that could be stopping the lymphatic system and the veins from working properly. He was concerned about my purple and red shiny lower legs and the leg eczema and said that was a sign of poor circulation. The fact that my right calf is swollen and rigid concerned him also. These are all things that I have mentioned before, in previous hospital visits, along with the leaking serous fluid and have never had a proper answer to my questions. He said that the symptoms that I have could be a sign of heart problems but told me not to worry as hopefully that would have shown up on the tests that I had pre op.

The blood tests were amusing as per usual. It took two nurses to even find a vein and then it came out so slowly it took ages to fill up the vials. I don't like parting with any blood that's for sure and my veins seem to go into hiding when they see a needle. When they took the needle out my arm started to bleed a lot which gave the nurses a bit of a shock. I had to hold my arm up and put pressure on it to stop it. Tomorrow I will have a bruise to add to my collection.

I hope that this specialist will take another look at my knee once the results from the blood tests and scan come in. He said that I might have to go back into theatre if the cause was scar tissue or something else that was preventing my knee from straightening and bending properly as apparently when I finished off my physio treatments I still hadn't reached the standard of knee mobility that I should have had by then. Until then I have to get some of those sexy stockings that people who have varicose veins have to wear. The hospital gave me some after my op but they were so small that they cut into my leg under the knees and stopped the circulation altogether so they told me to take them off again. I will have to see if they make any plus size ones to fit my swollen leg. I can get the left stocking on but the right one is the one that needs the help the most.

Needless to say any thought of surgery to my left knee has been put on hold as until my right knee is sorted out it can't be done. They can't have me with two knees that I can't walk on. Once my right knee gets full function then they will review the situation.

The sun is shining today and I went out just wearing a jacket instead of a coat and hat so it must be getting a bit warmer. The taxi driver was a bundle of laughs this morning. He told me that I had a lovely face and I should think about losing some weight and then I would be really attractive! Thanks for that mate. Took me right back to being married and my husband equating slim with attractive and constantly nagging me about my weight when I was a size 12. I swear that but for him and my constant yo yo dieting I wouldn't be the size that I am now. Yes thanks Mr Taxi driver for pointing that out to me this morning. I would like to lose weight of course as I know that I would be far healthier if I did. One of the reasons why I undertook spinal and knee surgery was to improve my mobility in an effort to be more healthy and mobile and lose weight through being more active. Sadly it hasn't worked out that well for me but I am ever hopeful of a good result in the end.

I did come back from the hospital on the bus and tram and managed to walk home from the tram station. I took my time and had quite a few stops along the way. I feel pleased with myself as that is as far as I have walked in a long time. I just hope that I won't pay for this for the next couple of days as that is what usually happens. I exercise my knee and then it seizes up on me for a couple of days afterwards.

I haven't done much in the way of crochet over the weekend. I am about half way up the first sleeve on the 'aran' style crochet jacket and hope to finish it off and start the second sleeve tonight.

I am not going to knit club tonight as I spent my taxi money going to the hospital and also the gardener is starting again after the winter months and she is coming on Thursday so I will have to start budgeting for her.

The photo is of Sirdar Baby Bamboo Cotton DK. As you already know I ordered 3 balls on my last Sale order from E Kemp. I liked it so much that I decided to buy some more before it sold out and now I have enough to make something for me or for a few baby cardigans. I haven't decided what to do with it as yet. Time to decide once I have finished off the crochet jacket and my niece's knitted chunky jacket.


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DebbiH said...

If I only had a magic wand, I would wave you back to your pain-free days! Please know that even thousands of miles away, you are being cheered on to a satisfactory resolution to your medical troubles.
Your blog has been so inspiring to me with all the photos of your completed projects that I've tackled my first crocheted CARDIGAN! I struggled with some of the sleeve instructions but I think I've mastered that part. I'm hoping to post to Ravelry once it's done...I see they have a forum for first garments completed.
Take care of yourself! I hope your knee doesn't give you fits for the rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, I'm so glad you finally got in to the physician and that someone FINALLY listened. Maybe now they can get to the bottom of these and really get you back on your feet again (so to speak).

I was able to take my scooter out yesterday and scoot about the neighborhood a little bit. It was so nice to get out in the spring sunshine. I didn't even have to wear a jacket. It was lovely. Today, however, it is raining. I do believe Spring might finally come after all. Wish you were here to enjoy it with me.

Enid said...

Hi Jan, like Bev I am glad you got to see the consultant. A lovely circle ride you are on: need to exercise to improve knee, but you can't do much 'cos of pain caused, which comes from not moving knee joint. Whole thing just goes round and round.
The new yarn looks very nice. Be good to see any projects from it.

KnitNurd said...

Ooohhhh Jan...I need to get around more to your blog. I had no idea you were still having so much grief over your knee! So much for socialized medicine, eh? You would NEVER wait as long as you do just to get an appointment to see your doctor here in the U.S. We might pay dearly for it, but it's worth it to me in order to avoid all the pain and frustration.

I truly wish you weren't going through all of this!! What a smart-ass taxi driver. Seems he could use a bit of education in humanity. He obviously has never learned what the true meaning of "attractive" is. You are a beautiful woman, Jan. Never mind what idiots like him say!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog you have. I 'bumped' into you on ravelry while researching 'Short 'n Sweet' crochet top. I'm no expert on crochet but really like this and am determined to have a go at it.

Sorry about your knee,hope you get some answers. OH had an x ray on his this a.m. (we are in France and the health service is good) only to be told 'it's age'....Oh joy!

b.t.w. we are both originally from Lancs. he from Eccles me from Preston. I'm 'tobysmum' on Rav.

I've bookmarked your site,

Bon chance!


June said...

Pleased to hear that you saw a doctor who actually listened to you and I really hope that this time your knee will be better and get you walking well again. The cream yarn is lovely, I can see why you bought some more of it, as it is sure to be handy for some of the baby clothes that you are making.