Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I Don't Need A Doorbell This Week

I don't need a doorbell this week as I have an early warning look out as you can see. This is his favourite position whilst he guards not only my house but the rest of the street. Unfortunately this is also my knitting/crochet chair so it's usually a case of who gets there first takes up residence. The brightly coloured crochet on the back of the chair is my favourite stash buster Doris Chan All Shawl that I wear on chilly nights.

This morning Buster has been busy, Not only is it the dustbin day, the dustbin cleaner van came as well. We were up early which is just as well as my Kemps delivery came around 8.30 ish. That firm is marvellous. Not only do they sell such great bargains but their delivery is so quick. I only ordered this wool on Sunday eve and it arrived today. Buster was also on guard for the postman coming although he didn't actually have any post for me today.

This is part of my wool order from Kemps. I ordered a few colours of double knit which you will see further down the blog. The Sirdar Tiny Tots wool is for my stash but the aran is for me and I can't wait to start it.

The aran is Rowan Natural Silk aran and it is so soft and silky. It is a mix of viscose, linen and silk and it was reduced to £1.69p a ball how could I resist it? I do like working with nice yarns but my purse doesn't like paying a few pounds per ball for yarn no matter how nice it is. I am so glad that I have discovered Kemps as the standard of my yarn has improved considerably. I will have to pattern browse in my boxes to find a suitable pattern for it.

As I was feeling somewhat guilty about wrapping my niece's knitting away until Buster has gone home I decided to start crocheting a cardigan for her in some Sirdar Silky Look DK that I also got from Kemps at 79p a ball a few weeks ago. The pattern is in 4ply so I am doing a bit of juggling as the Silky Look is a fine double knitting. It is looking rather small at the moment but I am sure that it will be OK once it has been blocked out to show the lacy pattern.

These are some of the colours that I bought to go with some stash yarn that I already had to make this waistcoat. I have discarded two of the colours that I bought as in real life they didn't look like the swatches on the PC and were too similar in shade to make this waistcoat. They will come in useful though as I am always making multi shawls and granny squares. I still haven't finally decided on the colours for the waistcoat but this is my thoughts at the moment.

Buster and I have to play some ball now before he will let me do some crochet. I will probably go for a ride on my scooter so that Buster will get a short walk in a little while. My niece says that she will come at the weekend to walk him for me if he will go with her. He has such separation anxiety if he can't see me or my son and his family. I put that down to his rescued background. He follows me everywhere.I feel like he is Velcroed to my shoes. At home he isn't as bad as he has the other two dogs to bond with and they keep each other company but here he only has me.


June said...

Love your Silk Aran, in my favourite colour too. I suggest that you make an Amsterdam Coat with it, as I made one for myself and I am really pleased with how it turned out. Buster looks adorable, give him a big hug from me.

Linda said...

You're having such a rough time of it you don't need an excuse to add to your stash! Any Rowan at a good price is worth nabbing.
Good luck.