Friday, 25 March 2011

An Eventful Day

I am so pleased to have got this pattern today. I had the pattern and then like so many of my patterns it did a walkabout and although I have looked on many vintage pattern sites I have never seen it for sale. I mentioned this on a Ravelry post and a lovely lady Maureen (Mehalah on Ravelry) had seen it on e bay and put a bid in for it. She got it for me and sent it by post and it arrived this afternoon.What a lovely gesture to make for a fellow Raveler. I do find that people in general on that site are great and I have made many friends through it. It's so nice to chat crafts with like minded people.

For those of you old enough to remember a very similar waistcoat was worn by Beryl (Polly James) who was in the Liver Birds TV series in the 60's and 70's. The series ran for years and I used to watch it avidly.I think that I liked the idea of two girls sharing a flat and not living with their parents. Every teenagers dream. Beryl had a quirky dress sense but I used to like the way she dressed. I am going to make my waistcoat in more subdued colours ( I think) and will have the make the circle larger as like many patterns of that era the largest size is 36/38.

I got this magazine in the post today but as I am not a blanket knitter I think that this copy will be passed on to someone who will make better use of it. I already have a lot of the patterns in it from previous copies of the magazine. Bit of a waste of a magazine if you are a regular buyer of the magazine as you will already have most of the patterns as I do. It's not often that my heart sinks when I open a magazine envelope but it did today. I am waiting for my Interweave Crochet to arrive as it looks like a nice edition this time.

I finished off the Oddpin sweater but didn't take a photo of me wearing it as it was evening when I tried it on. I will take a photo in the daylight.

As it was such a plain sweater I decided to trim it with a crochet flower and added a small lilac pearl button in the centre of the flower.

The pattern is vintage, the yarn is vintage, Patons Diana brushed chunky, and I already had the Oddpin needle from years ago. Not only have I used up from my stash I inherited the yarn 18 months ago from an old ladies stash from the 80's. I am glad that I could put the yarn to good use and get something wearable. As it was knitted on such big needles it only took 8 x 50 gram balls.

I have started my niece's chunky jacket but have only done 3 pattern repeats of 8 rows. I got interrupted by the cleaning lady from across the road who wanted me to call her an ambulance as she was having a funny turn. The house owners had gone to Tesco to do a bit of shopping and she could not reach them on the phone. She said that she was shaking all over and losing the use of her arms. I called the ambulance for her but all the time I am trying to talk to the operator she was shouting in her mobile phone to her pastor for some reason! I should explain that she was African and they can tend to shout when they get excited. The paramedics came but although they didn't find anything much wrong with her they ordered an ambulance and took her to hospital for further tests to be sure. I haven't found out yet what was wrong with her. She was visibly shaking her arms and legs and yet it wasn't like epilepsy. Quite an eventful day.

I was late going out shopping because of all the excitement so I treated myself to fish and chips on the way home. I don't often buy food from take aways but I just fancied it and it really did taste good.


Charlotte said...

What a great gift to receive from a friend! Please post pictures when you complete this project!

Anonymous said...

MMM, fish and chips. Yum. The sweater is lovely and I can't wait to see it on you. I too have found the people on Ravelry on the whole very delightful, friendly and helpful. What a sweet lady to do that for you.

KnitNurd said...

Well now you have me craving fish and chips!
I can hardly wait to see how your waistcoat turns out Jan...I'll bet it's going to be fab, as you do such beautiful work!!