Monday, 28 March 2011

Spring Interweave Crochet Has Arrived.

The postman brought me the latest copy of Interweave Crochet for the Spring. The US seems to get the magazine weeks before we get it in the UK but if it had arrived earlier then I might have been tempted into leaving the projects that I have to finish off first.

I like the new layout of the magazine as now I have less to photograph as they are putting a few things together, I love the Bluebell Cardigan by Edie Eckman and the fine Dahlia Shawl by Lisa Naskrent. The Freesia Pullover by Kimberly K. McAlinden isn't for me as I am not a lover of the batwing sleeve.

The Zoe Jacket by Annette Petavy makes me wish that I had little girls that I could crochet for and although I hate crocheting amigurumi I find Clarence the Monkey by Brenda Anderson very cute with his lovely button eyes. I like the colour choices in the Magic Carpet Blanket by Melissa Darnieder although as I have said before blanket making is not really my thing.

This page features the cover blue sweater Petal Pullover by Robyn Chachula and the Camomile cardigan which I knew was Doris Chan before I even read it. The Cupcake sweater by Tram Nguyen is quite nice but once again not for me. I carry a lot of weight across my shoulders so the puff sleeves would only accentuate this.

These are squares for an afghan project. They are meant to be used by a crochet group to jointly make afghans.

The kids outfits are all so sweet. Hannah and Hallie play sets by Anastasia Popova are really cute but I wouldn't make the trousers. The Ginger and Fred sweaters by Margaret Hubert are not something that I would personally make unless I changed all those pockets and the frilly trim. The Daisy and Minnie dresses by Brenda Anderson are cute but once again I don't have any little girls to crochet for.

The Hialeah bag by Simona Merchant-Dest is not for me but that is purely because I don't like making crochet bags as I am not a sewer and can't line them. The Orlando vest by Annette Petavy is a basic crochet but I am not keen on the frilly peplum in the maroon. The Coral Springs Sweater by Trich Warrick is nice if you wear waistcoats which I don't.

I am trying to push on with my niece's jacket as I will have to put it away for 10 days after tonight as I don't want Buster hair all over it. Whilst he is here I will make something for myself. Maybe the vintage spider web jacket who knows.

I do like this cream cardigan by Mari Lynn Patrick. It is not in the Interweave magazine except as an advert. I will have to get a download from Tahki Stacy Charles. I have ordered a couple of Doris Chan patterns as e downloads from this site and they arrive almost immediately after I pay.

I dyed my hair again this morning. I just shampooed it in as I didn't have any roots showing just all over mouse brown. Thank goodness I feel more like myself now even though the blonde is still darker than usual. I know that I shouldn't let a hair colour get to me but I felt so dowdy and depressed with that colour. I will make sure that I don't pick up the wrong brand next time I need my roots doing.

Time for a coffee and Loose Women on the TV. I enjoy an hour with my feet up before I do a bit of tidying and washing the dishes.


Sharon Marie said...

I just picked up my copy the other day. There are so many cute things in it.

KnitNurd said...

I will definitely have to pick up this issue. Thank you for sharing it, Jan!

marg41 said...

Hi Jan,
That shawl is just beautiful, in the Interweave Book. I am not great at crochet, granny squares and handtowels are my limit. There are some lovely things in the book, and I guess once Buster returns home you will have the crochet hook out again!

Anonymous said...

I love the dahlia shawl, but i can't find the pattern in Holland, maybe you can help me.
Greet from Sandra

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Sorry Sandra but I no longer have this copy of Interweave crochet. I have seen many back issues for sale on eBay and even back issues for sale via Interweave crochet. Perhaps if you contacted them they might have a copy left for you to buy - Jan