Saturday, 26 March 2011

Another Jacket Started

I have started the jacket for my elder niece. I will have to put my knitting away in a big sealed plastic bag on Tuesday as Buster is coming for 10 days and my niece agrees with me that she would rather wait a little longer for her jacket than have it covered in dog hair. I don't know why Buster sheds so much as he is a short hair Boxer cross but his hair gets everywhere when he is here. It is like small paintbrush hairs that inter twine into my knitting and crochet.I brush him everyday and he still sheds. I will stick to making something for myself whilst he is here. I am used to dog hairy things LOL.Perhaps I will be able to start the vintage waistcoat from the pattern that I got yesterday.I will have to stash search to see if I have some suitably toning shades.

The pattern that I am using is design C from Sirdar Winter Glamour 339 booklet. The yarn is King Cole Magnum lightweight chunky Shade 345 which is mostly acrylic but has 25% wool.

This is the Oddpin sweater as modelled by me.I am quite pleased with the way that it has turned out even though it is a little see through because of the openwork knitting. It feels so soft and warm to wear so will make a great everyday sweater as a couple of the ones that I made a couple of years ago from Doris Chan's Everyday crochet book are starting to look a little shabby now.

My elder niece came today to dye my hair roots. I had accidentally picked up a different brand of colour and the result is that my blonde is very much toned down. It is almost a honey light brown although the box did say light blonde. I am not sure that I like it this colour but I am not going to change it until the next time that it needs doing. Maybe I will get used to this darker colour over time.

Today has been quite chilly.I think that I will be turning my heating on tonight for a little while when I settle down for a bit of TV and knitting. My old bones don't like the cold at all. Perhaps I will win the lottery tonight and can go on a nice hot holiday (Yeah right I know my chances of winning are very slim but hey I can dream)

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Enid said...

so, you weren't one of the two that shared over £100 million? shame, cos I am good at creeping. that is a lovely shade of purple for the jacket, and the oddpins jumper looks fine on you.