Friday, 4 March 2011

Craft Visitors Are So Much Fun

I love getting visitors. Yesterday I got a visit from my friend Sue who, like me, loves to crochet and is drawn to wool and fancy yarns in a similar manner to me. We can chat about projects and patterns and think that there is nothing strange in buying something yarny that we see and love even though we don't actually NEED it. We get equally excited about different web sites with bargains and swap places to shop that are yarny. She brought me a lovely present from her stash. There are more balls of each colour but I thought that I would just show you one ball of each. Don't you love the shades at the front. My mind is working overtime thinking of a project where I can combine them together in a project as different shades on a theme. Why is other peoples stash more exciting than mine?

We were chatting about machine knitting and cones and she was giving me some more ideas of where to look to buy knitting machine cones. I am holding off buying any more until I get the chance to practise my lace carriage.
This is a photo of the colourful plastic buckets that arrived on Monday to use for storage. 4 of them are now in the stash room with oddments of different colours in them. I am trying to co-ordinate my odd balls into shade themes so that when I have enough of each theme I can turn them into multi coloured shawls or scarves. My stash room is looking scarily tidy now. I can see at a glance where everything is which is very helpful and will stop me from duplicating on any colours when I am next shopping online.

I have made use of one of the buckets in my front room next to my recliner chair. As you can see it is large enough to hold the wool and the pieces of knitting of the WIP that I am working on. Last night I managed to finish off the collar. I mis read the pattern and found out that instead of 5" of collar there was 8" to be knitted before the cast off. I was all excited when I got to 5" and then I checked the pattern to be sure and found that I had another 3" to knit !!
I found it very hard going as I had the weight of the back and the two fronts on the needles whilst I was knitting the collar. Today I have to knit the button bands which will be equally as heavy to work on as they are picked up sideways along the fronts and they extend along the full length of the collar so instead of just being two button bands it will be like knitting a band and a half on each side. I really want to finish this jacket off as I am getting really fed up of it now. I hope to have it finished before I see my niece at the weekend and then she can post it (and the grey cropped crochet jacket) off to her sister in London as she is not coming up to Manchester for her birthday. She and her husband have just moved house and have the builders in so the house is in a bit of a mess, I believe, which is why she isn't coming up to Manchester as usual. I can remember the last time that I had any major alterations done to my house and swearing that I would never do anything like that ever again.
I have a hospital appointment for Sunday morning ( never been on a Sunday before) and I hope that I get out of there early enough to attend a Knit In with Rachael from Artyarn and hopefully lots of others at Manchester Town Hall at 1pm to celebrate International Women's Day. I think that the actual day is on the 9th but Sunday is a better day for those who have to work during the week. Has anyone else got any events scheduled for this day?
Oscar has come in for his daily sleep and I also have a black cat at the patio door mewing at me. I dare not let her in as she and Oscar are sworn enemies and fight all the time. She looks like such an angelic little girl but she is a demon fighter which is unusual for a she cat. She lives at the house at the bottom of my garden. I have been told her name by her owners but I have forgotten it. I swear that there is a sign on my patio door saying Come In she gives free cat biscuits and a drink. In the summer when I have the door open it is like a zoo in here sometimes. I have the two dogs from next door, the usual cat visitors and, of course, sometimes I have Buster. The cats usually stay away when Buster is here as although he has lived with cats he doesn't like usurpers in his territory and chases any stranger (to him) cats.
Time for a coffee and back to the chain gang (the bands on the knitting) for a while. I do hope that I can find an interesting daytime TV programme to distract me whilst I am knitting.


June said...

I love your buckets Jan. Ideal for yarn and projects. You must have a very tidy craft room by now and I wish that I lived near enough to pay you a visit, as I would love to chat about crochet and have a look at all your lovely stash and patterns. Hope you finish your cardigan soon.

Enid said...

Oh to have a friend such as Sue!!!! That plate of yarn looks glorious.
Thanks for the e-mail about Sunday, but it is doubtful I will attend.:-(
Have you no got a table that would swing over your legs while in recliner? That could hold weight of jacket. Looking forward to seeing picture of it finishedxx

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, the yarn looks great. Why, oh why, can't we stop buying yarn when we don't need it, but here I go, spending more.... LOL

I love the buckets. I am looking for something to hold my current WIP in while I work.

Hope you are well, and your legs are not giving you trouble.

marg41 said...

How lucky to have a friend like Sue, Jan. I am a member of a small craft group, and while they talk patchwork and quilting, I sit and knit! We are all very close, and support each other through tough times and share happy times too. Love the yarns that Sue brought you. Hope all goes well at the Hospital for you and that you make it to Manchester Town Hall (long time since I have been there!)

Zuleika said...

hehe You have the same buckets as me! Mine are all red though to match my bedroom. ;-) I didn't even know they came in so many colors. Where did you buy yours?