Monday, 28 February 2011

Ponchos, Wraps, Capes and Shrugs

This is the last of the bargain books that I have ordered. This book is a mix of knit and crochet. The front cover cape is crocheted.
This scarf/stole is knitted

Knitted stripy poncho that reminds me of my teens

Striped knitted legwarmers also with a set of wrist warmers. Not sure what they are doing in a book of ponchos and wraps but they are in there.

A crocheted cape

Sorry about spoiling this knitted cape with the large white flash

Knitted shawlette in fancy wool. I once tried to knit with this wool and gave up. Too many wrong places to put my needle into and split the stitches.

A bit too openwork for me.

Despite the retro look to this crochet poncho I quite like it

This scarf is knitted flat and then shirred with elastic thread to make the ruffles.

Sorry but this is not for me. It reminds me of something that Pocahontas would wear in the movies.

Cabled knitted poncho

Short shrug knitted sideways with a silky furry trim around the edges.

An aran style poncho

Start of a crochet 'aran' style jacket for Sylvia's friend. I am using my green jacket as a guide line for the length of the different shoulder pattern and neck shaping as I am sizing the pattern up a size. The next photo is a close up of the twisted crocheted cable and the yoke pattern.

I had a bad start to the day. My lighter weight Hoover, that I keep upstairs, was already broken. Well not so much broken as in need of a new belt. My very old trusty 42 yrs old Hoover that never lets me down decided to ping a part off it this morning rendering it useless. Luckily I have the number of a very good repair man who came this afternoon and repaired the both of them. No excuses now. I will have to hoover ;-(. An expense that I hadn't planned for but never the less a necessary one. I am mostly carpeted in my house so a hoover is essential especially when the dog, or cat, is about.
I still haven't finished off the charcoal knitting as yesterday I was very tired all day and kept nodding off in the chair. I think that I did more sleeping on the chair than anything else. I would knit a row and then nod off. I do get annoyed with myself when I do that as most of the day gets wasted and then I find myself awake in the small hours when I should be sleeping.
I washed the machine knitted baby cardigan today and thankfully the dirty lines, from the unravelled re knitted wool, and the oil mark came out. I would love to practise more on the machine but I am being mean with myself and trying to finish off the hand knit and crochet first before I make anything else on the machine. I want to try the lace carriage and will need to concentrate on that and spend a whole day getting to know it again.
I am not going to the Knit Club tonight. I don't have a lift so it would be a taxi both ways and as I have just spent money today on the hoover repair I will give it a miss tonight as I can't afford to do both things.


Debbi said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for showing off the scarf book! I'm definitely going to find this one for my own book stash! I hope you get properly rested's such a drag being too sleepy to enjoy your needlework! ..Debbi

marg41 said...

Hi Jan,
Love the scarf/stole. I knit a lot of these kind of things. With our weather there is not a lot of need for jumpers, jackets and such. Today is the first day of autumn here in Central Queensland, not that you would notice, it is still quite warm, a little overcast too. I must get on line and see if I can find some bargain books here in Australia. I guess we will have such sites, I just have to find them! Hope your sleeping pattern returns to 'normal' soon.

ArtYarn said...

oh jan!! we have that book at the kings , you could of had it because no one ever uses it!!... never mind eh!
rach x

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't suppose you do commissions? I just love the stripy poncho and haven't been able to find any thing like it online.