Friday, 4 February 2011

Machine Cones From Texere

My New Year's Resolution not to buy any wool unless absolutely necessary didn't last long. As you know I have been getting my knitting machine ready for use and studying the manuals. I haven't, as yet, started to practise anything but I ordered the baby machine cones in readiness. I am going to practise with small things to start with as there are so many babies expected in my friendship circle. Machine cones are ideal as they don't need waxing and I don't have to keep an eye on the wool running out in the middle of a row plus the bonus of no wool to wind. I have two wool winders but they are both elderly and are winding a bit lopsided. If I take to machine knitting I will have to invest in a new one. I thought that I would save the expense for now until I am sure that I will make more use of my machine.

I do prefer to hand knit and crochet but it's nice to be able to add another skill to my craftiness. I think that there is a place for machine knitting in my life just as there is for my hand knitting and crochet.

I am in the process of stitching up the thick cardigan I am making for my niece. The body is stitched together I just have the sleeves to fit in. I haven't done any more on my younger niece's charcoal jacket. Yesterday I didn't do much of anything as the workmen came to do the cavity wall insulation and whilst they were quite tidy there is still a lot of dust to get rid of and the carpets to hoover again.As they were in and out of the house I could not concentrate on any knitting. I hope that all the mess is worth it and I notice a difference in the house warmth and the utility bills. It's just a pity that it didn't get done before the cold weather set in. After they had left I had to do some shopping so it was about 8pm before I settled down for the evening.

Today I had to take my CPAP machine for another check up. After my sleep test results were analyzed from a couple of months ago they decided that I needed the pressure on the machine altering. I was quite happily surprised today as even with two taxi journeys I managed to get to the hospital, get seen, and come back in a little over an hour. It must be a record for the least time waiting for a hospital appointment ever. I should go up and collect my prescription from the pharmacy today but it is very windy. I don't like going out on my scooter when it is blowing like this although with my weight I don't think that I would get blown over!

I really need to finish off the hoovering. The grit from the wall drilling has got everywhere even though they were careful and put sheets down. I think dust of this kind stays in the air and settles for a few days after the event. Most of the drilling was done outside but I had 3 walls inside the house that are exterior walls upstairs even though they are now inside walls downstairs because of added kitchen and dining room extensions. As they were cavity filling the top of the wall they had to fill the bottom of the wall as well for everything to work. I will have to look in the garage to see if I have any matching paint to cover the refilled holes in the wall.

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