Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I Think I've Got It

I think I've got it. Not the Inside Crochet book but I have got the hang of the knitting machine. After a lot of cursing, a few bent needles,plus a new part I have managed to turn out my first piece of knitting. As the Multi coloured wool that I used was too thick and too splitty for the machine I am not going to continue with it as I doubt if a child would want a cardigan with the consistency of cardboard. I feel that at least I have now mastered plain and rib so will have another try tomorrow with some finer wool.

I found the lemon top which is from about 20 yrs ago when I used my machine all of the time. Now I look at this, I realize that the ribbing of the multi coloured new knitting isn't quite right so tomorrow it will be back to the manual for another read. I used the lace carriage and fine wool to make lots of cardigans and sweaters but the lemon top is the only thing that I have left. It won't fit me anymore but I am glad that it didn't get thrown away. It inspires me to aim for what I used to be able to make.

The Inside Crochet magazine arrived today. There are a few things in it that I like but I think that I would only actually make two or three of them. The cover Marlene beret by Megan Marshall will be very popular but I just don't suit berets so it's not for me.

The Grace gloves by Bee Clinch look quite easy. They are made using fine wool and a 3mm needle. They could find their way onto my 'to make' list.

The Hepburn Cable sweater by Claire Montgomerie is very pretty but I would have to make it 'normal sized' for me. I think that it looks rather like it has shrunk in the wash with it's short sleeves and body. Maybe it is the fashion and maybe I am too old to appreciate it. I like the pattern stitches though and I am sure that it would easily adapt into something long enough for me to wear.

The purple Monroe wrap coat by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby is a nice jacket basically but I don't think that I would put the big collar on it for myself. I am not sure which wool has been used as I am not familiar with Malabrigo but it looks a bit furry to me.

The Crawford necklace by Shelby Allaho is very pretty in those colours. Again I am not sure that I would wear anything like this although I have got a book on bead crochet so perhaps I will get converted into wearing necklaces. I used to wear them a lot but since my fingers can't fasten small clasps I don't bother any more. This necklace has a button fastener so I might manage this one.

I first saw the Temple Vest by Shweta Shankar Khatri on Ravelry and thought that the stitch was lovely. The pattern is one that I would definitely think of making but I am not sure about the fastenings, especially the red toggles but as that is a minor thing to change then this vest is on my 'to do ' list when I find a little girl that it will fit.

The Keaton Vest by Robyn Chachula is another pretty stitch. I rarely wear a vest but I do like this one.

The Brando gloves by Maggie Vassie are a useful pattern to have for those oddments we all have in stash. Again it is a close stitch that won't let the wind blow through and would be great over a pair of fine gloves for those extra cold days.

There are also patterns in the magazine for a hot water bottle cover, a crochet rabbit, hair flower corsage, a hairpin crochet dress and an evening bag. I like the articles in this issue. There are links to vintage pattern sites, an interview with Tara Murray on Amigurumi,one on vintage Vogue patterns, an interview with an 82yr old crocheter and an article on Sknitch which is a show that incorporates knitting, sewing and crochet. Apparently they held a show last year and there will be another one in December in Birmingham which I would like to go to see,legs and back permitting. The web site is if you want any more information.

The grey crochet crop top is progressing and I have made one rib for the sleeve. I hope to get that finished tonight.

Everything will stop tomorrow night as my best buddy Buster is coming for the weekend. I spoil him and play ball with him so not much of anything else gets done. He sheds so much that I don't like to work on anything for other people as they don't appreciate their woollies being covered in gold coloured dog hair!

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crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, how I love to see you post about Inside Crochet. This is the only way I know if I want the new issue, plus, I see you post that the new one is out, and I think, oh good, we will soon be getting last month's issue. I am so anxious to get the pattern for that Victoria Scarf by Robin Chachula, so now I will be haunting Barnes & Noble, which sells Inside Crochet.

Not only do I like the beret on the cover (and I have a niece who is waiting for me to crochet her a beret as well, so that's handy) but the Hepburn Cable Sweater looks great. I love the Crawford Necklace as well, will need to make that for myself. The gloves look good as well, but I think I would like them to go a little farther past the wrist. Another magazine to wait for. LOL

Your knitting looks good to me. The lemon top is very cute, I like it a lot.

Have fun with Buster!