Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Trying To Get Back To My Knitting

The cleaning bug is on the wane. Partly because the hoover belt snapped again. I got a neighbour to unscrew the front of the hoover and replace the belt and then five minutes after he had gone home I ran over a long tail of wool on the carpet. Before I could switch the hoover off it had wound around the roller and snapped the hoover belt again. This time I don't have a spare belt to replace it si I will have to wait until someone can get me one from the market. I do have a very old extremely noisy Hoover that I can use but it is metal and very heavy to push around.

I have decided to put the cleaning on a stop as tomorrow some workmen are coming to install cavity wall insulation and although most of the work is done outside they have to drill into three interior walls as they used to be exterior walls before the extension was built.

I have been reading my machine manuals and feel fairly confident that I now know how to cast on and how the ribber works. I will read up on the lace carriage once I master the plain knitting. I am not starting anything though until the weekend. I will have enough to concentrate on with the workmen and cleaning up after them.

I have been trying to get back into the mood for the charcoal grey knitting for my niece but once I put something down it takes me a while to get back into the pattern. I have done a few rows on the garter stitch thick jacket and now have a back, a front and a half. I did start some crochet a couple of nights ago thinking that if I was off my knitting then I might be in the mood for crochet. That didn't work much either as I only managed a few rows of that. It is a nice pattern stitch but took a bit of thought before I worked it out.It is for my younger niece and although she is slim I think that this size is a bit small so I may have to restart it.

Time for a coffee and a restart to the knitting. Hopefully once I put my mind to it I will get back in the mood for something crafty.

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