Saturday, 12 February 2011

I Am Sure That Dogs Laugh

I must have been a restless sleeper last night. I have woken up many times lately to find that I am pinned by the duvet as I have rolled myself up in it during the night like a swaddled baby. About five this morning I woke up with a bang. Literally. I must have rolled over and out of bed and the first thing I knew about it was waking up on the floor with a sore head, arm, hip and knee. Fortunately falling when asleep must be like falling when drunk, As I didn't put my hands out to save, me as I would if I had been awake, I probably saved myself a broken wrist or arm. For a couple of minutes I just lay there, stunned, wondering what the hell just happened. Then I realized that I hurt all over and realized that I had fallen out of bed. For the record I was stone cold sober. It took me ages to get back up again as I still cannot kneel on either knee. I had to have a plan of action. Eventually I shuffled to the edge of the bed and managed to haul myself up with the bedding. I didn't want to use the radiator to lever myself up as I was afraid of pulling it off the wall.

Buster, during all of this, was wondering what game we were playing and was wagging his tail and dancing around me. Whoever said dogs don't have expressions was wrong. It may have been only half light but I will swear that he was laughing! He definitely found it all very amusing.

I checked that I wasn't bleeding anywhere and got back into bed. This morning when I was taking my shower I saw purple bruising coming out on my hip, my bum, my knee that has been replaced and also my shoulder and arm. Thankfully I didn't put my arms out to save myself or I could have done something to my wrists and then how could I knit or crochet? I had a duck egg sized bump on my right eyebrow but at the moment apart from the spot in the middle where I must have nutted the bedside table corner I don't have any bruising there so far. I am stiffening up as the day is going along.

I have managed to finish off the first (for 20 yrs) baby cardigan knitted on the Knitmaster 360 machine. I had previously made parts of cardigans on my chunky machine but this machine is finer and a lot more complicated. I still have a lot of practising to do as this little cardigan has a few mistakes on it and has one sleeve slightly longer and wider than the other. The machine has a tension dial. It's a bit like changing needle sizes. As everything is counted by a row counter then I must have had the tension dial set slightly differently for one sleeve. Another thing to watch out for next time. I have had some advice on curing the frilly cast on edge from the Ravelry knitters forum which I will try out with my next project. The buttons are slightly the wrong shade but as it is only my practise cardigan I am not going to change them.

I bought a new ball winder. I have two already but one works with plastic cones. The drawback with that is I would have to buy a lot more cones plus the fact that it is not working 100%. I have another just like the one that I have bought but as all the moving parts are plastic and it is 20 yrs old the cog wheels slip when I am using it and the ball goes all lop sided. Winders are a must when I am using commercial balls of wool to get the tension correct.

The grey cropped top is finally finished but I have not yet stitched the buttons on so I will show you that tomorrow. I am pleased with the way that it has turned out but only after I undid the crochet ribbing and re-did it all. I know that I am a slack crocheter but instead of holding firm the bands were all coming out too large for the top. If I am not satisfied with something then I have to re-do it until it looks right. I rarely follow a pattern from start to finish if I don't think that it looks quite right.

I don't know what I will start tonight. All the things that I have to make are for other people and darkish colours so I will wait until Buster goes home tomorrow to continue with those. I don't machine knit at night so I will probably just start something small like a baby jacket or hat.Buster is full of energy despite a short walk for him and a scoot for me so no doubt it will be several games of catch tonight after dinner. He never tires of chasing a ball. At home he doesn't have balls as the Rottweiler rips them all up so they don't last a minute. It's a novelty now for him to play ball so he makes the most of it whilst he is here.


Anonymous said...

Well, if falling out of bed is a result of getting out those machine knitters then I'd put them away. You were probably having nightmares about getting caught in one of them or something. I'm so glad you are okay.

Enid said...

OUCH!!!!! be careful not to stiffen up.
the cardigan looks lovely