Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What Has She Ordered Now?

I didn't see the postman this morning which is a shame as I would have loved to see his face when he delivered this parcel. It looked a bit odd to me and I knew what I had ordered. It took me quite a long time to open it up as I was scared of wielding the scissors too vigorously and cutting through the wool inside.

Thanks Metropolitan for your very quick delivery. As you can see from the photos the sponge bar that holds the needles in place on my knitting machine was very sad and flat, compared to the new one, so hopefully the new bar will solve the problem of the needles jamming every time I push the carriage across. I now have the right kind of machine oil which will hopefully lubricate the machine properly. I had sprayed it with WD40 which is apparently a big no, no as far as knitting machines are concerned according to the knitting machine community on Ravelry. I have given the machine a good wipe down to hopefully get rid of the WD40 and oiled it with machine oil. I hope that I haven't caused any damage with using WD40.

The two cones jumped into my basket as they were on sale and I don't have much in the way of cones to practice with, I also bought spare needles as things like that are hard to buy locally.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Michele and I hope that you manage to get the old machine, that you have just bought, working properly.

The bead crochet book on the left is one that I have borrowed from Rachael from Artyarn whose knitted wire bracelets inspired me to try to crochet one. Click on the blog title to see the knitted ones that Rachael has made. I ordered the book of the right as the last bead book that I ordered wasn't what I wanted at all and I didn't like the designs or find it very helpful. I am going to have a trial run with some large beads and cotton before I graduate to wire and small beads.

I have crocheted the back, 2 fronts and one short sleeve of the Hydrangea cropped top but it will take a lot longer to finish as it has crocheted ribbing all around it which will probably take as long to crochet as the rest of the top has done. I just hope that I don't get too sidetracked by the machine but I am going to have to give it a trial run to see if the sponge bar has solved the problems I was having. The good thing is that machine is not in the same room as the TV so I won't be using it in the evenings.

Time to nip out on my scooter. I was supposed to go out yesterday but it was so rainy and windy that I thought that I would get blown away. Yes, I do know that I am not a lightweight but the wind was really gusting strongly.

I had a laugh today when I was reading the forums on Ravelry when a lady called CrotchettyMama describes herself as 'bistitchual' because she could knit and crochet. I love that description. Much better than saying I am an old bat who knits and crochets and it does sound a little racy too. I shall come out of my yarn stash closet and shout I am a Bistichual Ha Ha.

Lastly I hope that my online US friend Bev (Beverooni) had a great birthday yesterday. 21 again Bev? If I ever win the lottery I will come and spend your next birthday with you. Your poor husband would never get a word in for all the crochet chat!


Anonymous said...

We definitely have to get together. I need a good chin-wag with a girlfriend.

I hope you get the machine working and get that sweater made for me. I'm freezing over here in Utah. It's 23 degrees this morning and that's warm considering what it has been.


Enid said...

I am going to announce myself as ''bistitchual'' on Facebook. should get a few comments!!!
also popping over to give belated felicitations to Bev.