Thursday, 17 February 2011

I Would Rather Be Crocheting

I seem to be knitting all the time. Whilst I do knit my love is for crochet. Knitting is something that I want to do now and again and not one thing after another. I have finished the back of my younger niece's jacket and the pattern does show up on the charcoal grey better than I thought that it would. I have discovered that the sleeves are just stocking stitch so I am going to crack on with those next to give my brain a rest from the aran style patterning. Once they are done then it will spur me on to knit the two fronts.
I have finished the baby jacket that I was knitting at the Kings Arms Knit Club on Monday. The buttons aren't spaced wrong, they are just not stitched on as yet. I just popped them in place for the photo. I do love knitting from old patterns. As you can see this one was a vintage Emu pattern. The wool is modern though. It is James C Brett Rio DK. I was hoping the the dusty pink would not show as much when knitted so that it could be unisex but it still does have that girly look about it. I have enough wool left over from the 2 x 100 gram balls to make a matching beanie hat.
I haven't done any more machine knitting today. This morning a guy came allegedly to conduct a survey on disability. What he was trying to flog me was a vibrating heated mattress at bargain price of only £1,129. I had a little demonstration of a portable mattress and while it was interesting it didn't make me want to buy one. It was nice, in a way, to be vibrated up and down the body but when I got off the bed most of me felt OK but my neck was aching and still is. It made my lips vibrate which wasn't a nice feeling.
As luck would have it my credit card bill arrived whilst he was here and I said to him to look at the total amount that I still owe. There is no way I am adding anything to that amount until I get it paid off. He started the usual chatter about buy now and pay later but as I don't know how I will be fixed financially in a year's time I told him that I wasn't interested. I don't like debt of any kind. I justify the credit card bill as it was for the armchair and the scooter. I pay something off that amount each month and pay in full anything woolly or bookish that I have added to it that month. Everyone has their own way of dealing with their bills and this is mine. My bill is higher than usual this month due to Sale bargains, knitting machine parts, cones to practise with and pre ordered books from Amazon all turning up at once.
I did mostly like the massage effect of the mattress and am toying with the idea of one of those heat and massage Shiatsu cushions that fit onto a chair and massage the back and neck. They are a mere fraction of the cost of that mattress and probably just as good for what I need it for. I have been looking at them for a long time and they are coming down in price from when they were first advertised and the write up comments from customers on Amazon go into hundreds and nearly all the comments are complimentary. I might justify adding that to my credit card as it is health related.
It is a nice Spring like day today. The crocus are peeping their heads up in the garden which is a sign that Spring is on it's way. I know technically it is Spring but it hasn't felt like it until today. I would go out but I know that I will only end up buying something that I don't need if I go up to the village shops. I had better stay in and do some knitting instead.
I hope everyone is having a good day. I am going to make a coffee and settle down for the rest of the afternoon and start a sleeve.


Anonymous said...

I have an adjustable bed that vibrates. Use that money and fly over to Utah and try out mine. It gives me a headache after a few minutes. If it only massaged my back I'd like it better.

Enid said...

Hi Jan, glad you didn't succomb. There would have been bombardments of junk mail until the hereafter. A cushion is probably better. You will have read that Bev has discomfort from her mattress. Think that is because they aren't always able to have different sections with independant controls.
The baby jacket is gorgeous. Love the aran design on niece's cardi.
When you go to Utah, take me in luggage? :)p

linda said...

If you have a sensitive back (I do) I would be carefull of the ones that do shiatzu, I guess thats how it's spelled. I have one of the chair things and it makes my back hurt more than the arthritis does. I finally put it in the shed, I wish now that I still had the one that only vibrated and had heat, it was more gentle though I couldn't use it often either.