Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I Lost Another Morning

I was woken up this morning by the postman delivering parcels. I don't know what he must think about me as he has seen me in my night attire more often
than anyone else has for many years! I have a strange sleeping pattern of late. I can have 3 or 4 nights where my sleep pattern is erratic. Restless sleep and getting up many times in the night because I can't nod off. Then I will get so tired and will have to go to bed early one night and sleep the clock around. Last night was such a night and I eventually awoke when the postman knocked around 11am. I get a bit angry with myself when I do this as I feel that I have lost so much of the day. I must need the sleep though otherwise I wouldn't sleep so long.
My parcel today contained more bargains from Kemps online store. I bought another pack of the cream and brown flecked Sirdar Snuggly DK as it is such a good colour for boys and if it is discontinued then I won't get this colour again. I also ordered a pack of Smudge Brown in the Snuggly 4ply as that was a give away price and I am hopeful of mastering the knitting machine when I have more time to devote to it. I ordered the two more machine cones in blue and cream for the same reason. Once I start knitting on the machine properly I will be prepared to knit baby cardigans in a variety of colours. The only colour that I haven't bought is pink as that isn't unisex. Even blue can be for a girl if I make a lacy pattern.
Last night I knitted some more on the charcoal cardigan and finished off the crochet baby jacket that I started at Knit Club on Monday. Crocheting is like a holiday for me from the dark knitting. I used a Rindy Carpenter basic pattern but modified it by adding the skirt and sleeves in a simple shell pattern. The DK wool was left over from when I made jackets for my great grand daughters for Christmas that didn't get worn. But that's another story. Needless to say I won't be making them any more knit or crochet items. I prefer to make things for people who appreciate them.
The crochet books are ones that I ordered from some of those clearance book sites. The books have been around for ages but I never bought them when they were the full price. I would recommend you to take a look on these kind of sites as there are many craft books at bargain prices. Not the most up to date pattern books I admit but if you are like me and just love crochet books then these are a fraction of the price they were when first published. There are also many second hand book sites that are good value.
I will show you pages from the books when I have had the chance to browse them properly but there are quite a few things in the Easy crochet book that I like although I think that it is wrongly named as a lot of the patterns in the book need plenty of experience of crochet to make them. There is a beautiful shawl pattern in a pineapple stitch which is definitely not for a novice crocheter. The scarf book has some interesting stitches used on some scarves as well as patterns for a few stoles and shawls.
I have ordered some more storage boxes with lids today. It's at times like these when I miss having a car as I know that I could buy them a lot cheaper if I could visit one of the Pound shops or cheap hardware stores. I have ceased worrying about the extra cost of things that I know I have no chance of buying locally. I cannot keep asking relatives to pick things up for me all of the time. If I need things then I just buy them and pay the delivery charges. I am trying to tidy my wool, patterns and oddments and I can't do that without some method of storage. My full packs of wool are stacked neatly but my odd balls are in bags and pushed into cupboards and hard to see. The storage boxes I have ordered are see through and stackable so hopefully order will reign in my small stash room soon. I am ever the optimist.
I had better start some more knitting as I have wasted half the day sleeping. I was going to do a bit of shopping today but as it has been raining all day I will wait and hope that tomorrow is dry. I have enough food in for my dinner tonight so I won't starve.

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