Friday, 18 February 2011

New Excuse To Stash

I did need the knitting machine needles as quite a few got bent whilst I was trying to sort out what I was doing wrong with my ribber. Of course as any true stasher knows there is no point in paying the postage just for 2 packs of machine needles when for a small amount more I can add a couple of cones in the parcel. My stash excuse is that most of the wool already in stash is a bit too thick for this knitting machine. It will take a double knit but it has to be a very fine one otherwise the knitting is so stiff it practically stands up on it's own. I think that double knit and thicker will have to be knitted or crocheted by hand or knitted on the chunky machine.

As I am still at the practising stage at the moment I don't want to use, and possibly spoil, any good quality wools. The baby cones that I got from Kemps were very reasonably prices but they only do cones in the baby shades. I ordered the machine needles from Metropolitan and and ordered these cones from their sale. There wasn't a photo of the unlabelled cone and it was described as a beige. Whilst I quite like this colour to me it is more of a camel or mink shade. As it was only £2.29 for the cone I am happy with it no matter what colour it is. The teal is the same brand as the purple that I bought last week and was just over £4 a cone. Once I improve my workmanship I can move onto the more expensive cones or wools. I would hate to ruin anything that I had paid a lot for the wool. I know that I can unravel things but it does tend to strip the wool of some of it's texture if I do that.

Yesterday and today I haven't done any more practising on the machine as I am so afraid of wanting to do it all of the time when I am on deadlines for my hand knit and crochet garments on my list. Last night I hand knitted 3/4 of a sleeve on my younger niece's jacket. I could race along as there is no patterning on the sleeves. I am hoping to finish it tonight and start the second sleeve. I will feel that I have done most of the jacket once they are finished even though I have 2 fronts (with pattern on) , the button bands and a very large collar in rib still to do. Once I have done more than half I feel that I am nearly at the finishing stage.

I have decided against the vibrating bed for a couple of reasons. Mainly I don't have the money, but if I did I don't think that I would get much use from it as instead of relaxing me I found that it woke me up. I did like the feel of it on my back but like Bev it hurt my neck and shoulders and I had a positional headache that lasted all day and most of the evening. I think that if I had that kind of money then I would rather come and visit you Bev and lie of your bed for a shake up and down after travelling so far on a plane.

I understand what you mean Linda about the Shiatsu massage but I don't mind a vigorous massage on my back. My pain is mostly muscular, despite having back surgery, and my back relaxes out after a massage. Whether one of these cushions will work for me remains to be seen. I suppose it's a question of whether the massagers are in the right position for my back, neck and shoulders. I am still very tempted by it though and have been toying with the idea of getting one for a while.

My credit card bill came yesterday and I nipped up to the bank to pay something off it today. I didn't manage to pay anything off the chair and scooter bit of the bill but I did clear the extra that I had put on it from wool, books, patterns, machine accessories, the steamer and various other bits and bats. I had a bit of a mad month and whilst I am annoyed with myself for not making a dent in the debt for the scooter and chair I justify it by thinking that it was an exceptional month for buying things. I think that I should hide my credit card this month. Ha ha. No chance of that. To think that I never used to shop online at all. How on earth did I manage to buy anything?

Well to be honest I was able to walk about then and go to the shops and buy things in person. I wonder how our elderly relatives ever managed. There was no online ordering or any credit cards back then. I suppose though that there was a lot more family intervention and the young ones made sure that the older ones got everything that they needed. I can remember going all over the place to get things for my Mum and my Gran. I never thought anything about it. There was no whinging like there would be today. It was just something that I was brought up to do. I was told to knock on elderly neighbours doors to ask if they needed anything from the shops and just did it without question. It was a different way of life back then. To be fair, back then, everybody knew their neighbours whereas today if anyone knocked on my door, and I didn't know them, I would think that they wanted to steal from me. My own neighbours are very good with me and always ask if I want anything when the weather is snowy, very rainy or it's slippy outside.


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Debbi said...

Hello Jan,
I stumbled upon your blog while surfing crochet sites, and you've gotten me "hooked" ..... hooked on your blog and hooked on renewing my crochet hobby! I look forward each day to your projects, book and magazine reviews, and adventures with Pearl, Buster, the Noras, and your friends and family! If there's ever anything you'd like me to search for here in the US, please ask! I wish you health and increased mobility in the warmer weather soon to come!
...Debbi from Ohio