Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sweet Pea Shawl

When I first started Bev's shawl I was a little unsure on how the cotton would look crocheted on a 5.50mm hook. At first it was looking a little stringy but as I am progressing the weight of the cotton is pulling the pattern out so I think when finished and blocked then it will look OK. I am using Jaeger DK Pure Cotton and the pattern is Sweet Pea from The Happy Hooker Stitch & Bitch book.

I didn't do much crochet last night as my totter (can't call it a walk) with Buster left me more tired than I though it would and so I dozed in front of the TV due to being a little doped up on painkillers and finished up in bed before midnight which is unheard of for me. Needless to say we were up with the birds this morning as I had my quota of sleep long before the alarm was due to go off.

There are some events in the park today but I am not going even though it is very close. Buster doesn't cope too well with crowds and lots of children and I would not leave him at home to go on my own. I am looking forward to next week when we are having a one off Farmers Market on the precinct. I hope that it is well visited as it would be so handy to have these markets now and again. Sometimes my niece takes me up to Ramsbottom to the Farmers Market there. The veg and the meat are so fresh.I am going to eat stuff from the freezer this week to make some room for my goodies.

My knee is having a better day so far today so I may attempt another totter with Buster before he goes home this evening. Hopefully he will settle after that and I can get a bit of crochet done (wrists permitting) What I need is some warmth and sunshine to ease my old bones. Roll on summer. Let's hope this year we get a warm one.


ambermoggie said...

I like the latest shawl:)

Bev Adam said...

Loving it Jan! Thank you so much. I think a fringe would look lovely if there is enough yarn.

Sarah said...

I'm working this same pattern as a shrug for myself! Great to see it in another color. I'm using a lime green wool, but I'm really liking it in the purple. I loved reading your blog! - Fellow Crochetoholic across the pond

Zuleika said...

I'm hoping for a warm summer as well. :-)
Glad your knee was feeling a bit better.