Monday, 25 May 2009

Crochet fine mohair scarf

I was given a ball of Laines Du Nord Kiddy Print Mohair Sh 600 for a raffle item. I had not used this mohair before so decided to crochet an openwork scarf as I wasn't sure how far one ball would go. I was surprised just how far the one ball went.Although the scarf is narrow it is of passable length. It is always difficult to crochet with mohair as I am never quite sure if I have crocheted into the fluff or the whole stitch.

It was sunny this morning so I went out into the garden to do a bit of crochet but finished up chatting to Julie over the fence as Poppy had come through it once again to visit me. I am not sure if I was the attraction or the fact that she had seen Oscar next door's cat (who I am feeding as they are away) come in the house for his breakfast. The cat wisely legged it upstairs and I had to hobble as fast as I could to close the door to the stairs before Poppy chased him. Undeterred Poppy kept trying to get through a closed door to get to the cat.

I haven't done much today. I had planned some housework and some crochet and in the end nothing got done. Ah well tomorrow is another day.

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June said...

Good for you that you made the most of the sunny weather, as it looks like rain for tomorrow. I like the mohair scarf, it is very pretty.