Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Almost there

Almost there. The cardigan still needs buttons and blocking and the shawl is just the edging row short before that too gets blocked. Today was wet and miserable so not the day to take photos of a black cardigan finished or not. The camera flash turned it grey today.

The other day I came across Crochet Therapy blog through Ravelry and I really liked her latest words. It chats about her being told to "Fill yer bucket" You really need to read the full article to understand what I am talking about (click on my blog title). Basically Belinda says that she was told it is hard to help others if your bucket is empty and to fill your own bucket then you have look after yourself in order to help others. I can understand exactly what she means and so I commented on her blog in order to mentally help her to fill her bucket. I think my bucket is a bit dry this last couple of weeks.

I cancelled an appointment at the hospital today. It was just a 6 months review of my saliva ducts (or lack of) and as I am finding it hard to walk and didn't feel like spending £20 on a taxi too and from the hospital I rang to say that I could not go. I am hoping that my knee support arrives this week in the post and then I will be able to walk about more with my knee supported.

Tonight I think that I will try to do more on the lacy sweater I started and abandoned a couple of weeks ago. I have made the yolk so there is still a lot of crochet to do as it is in 4ply on a finer hook. First though I must force myself to sew the buttons on the cardigan and make room to block it and the shawl out which will take a few boards to stretch it out fully.

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