Thursday, 7 May 2009

Another Blue Curacao shawl finished

I have finished another Blue Curacao shawl from Doris Chan's Amazing Crochet Lace book. I always find it strange calling it that when I make it in another colour. As I think I said before this one is for a neighbour and it's her wool. It is a bit thick for the pattern and so doesn't show the stitch up as well but I am sure it will keep her warm which is the main thing.

Before I make another of these shawls I have asked the Doris Chan forum on Ravelry where I keep going wrong. Reading a pattern wrong once is something we have all done but I have now made 4 shawls and they have all finished up with a double fan at the bottom instead of a single fan "point" as the picture in the book shows. I have had no complaints from my friends but I would like to make one the right way so that it looks exactly like the pattern.

I have been hoovering up Bear's dog hairs today and so have still not sewn the buttons on my cardigan. The sun was shining today which for some reason made me want to find everything remotely grubby around the house and wash it! I still haven't finished as I have noticed that one of my cushions fell victim to Bear's muddy paws but that will have to wait for another day when I have another full washer load.

The postman brought me a parcel and I thought it looked a bit small for my order. It only contained my wrist strap. Bupa did say that my parcel might arrive in two parts so hopefully my knee support will arrive tomorrow.

Debs has offered me a lift to the hospital tomorrow for which I an very grateful as I was wondering how my knee would hold up in the walk from the tram to the bus and then to the hospital and then back again if my knee support doesn't arrive before I have to leave the house. If I remember I will ask Deb to model the shawl so that I can take photos of it in wear as I think it gives a better idea
of how it fits.

I pray that none of my neighbours loses a dog today as I am quite worn out with wrestling Houdini (otherwise known as Bear the Siberian Husky) that I did yesterday. He is going to be adopted on Saturday by a couple who already have a husky as Belinda (I drink cups of tea) pointed out they are pack animals and work better as a team and as I found out yesterday need constant entertainment.


ree said...

Your neighbour will be thrilled with the green, blue curacao. It's gorgeous! How lucky is she?

June said...

How good to turn a half made cardigan into a beautiful shawl. Your neighbour is sure to be pleased with it.

Beansieleigh said...

You know.. I didn't know what to think of that shade of green when I first saw it.. but I have to tell you, it is just stunning! I LOVE it! WHEN am I going to find the time to make a shawl?!! I am busy making the 8-pocket tote right now, and am wondering if it would have taken LESS time to make a SHAWL!! (0;
P.S. Bear is just beautiful. I'm sure the shedding must be a nightmare, but I'd still love one like him!

ambermoggie said...

Love the shawl Jan a fabulous design and rich colour:) Hope hospital goes ok, will be thinking healing thoughts for you