Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Big Ornament on my Window Bottom

I got up and had just had my shower after breakfast when the doorbell rang. I though perhaps it was an early delivery of my knee support but instead it was a neighbour holding the foster dog Siberian Husky from across the road. She had found him chasing cats in the next street. She said that another neighbour had said that I knew how to contact the owner. I rang Will and he was in Nottingham on business and could not get back until around 7pm.

Therefore the task of looking after Bear for the day fell to me. He is still only a puppy despite his size and he cannoned around the house like a bull in a china shop knocking everything off tables and chairs with his tail. As you can see he is so huge that he could reach the worktops in the kitchen and I had to rescue my painkillers from his mouth at one stage. I learned to ignore the bangs that came from upstairs and he dashed about up and down the stairs. Whoever takes him on a permanent basis will need a lot of patience.

I tried to put him in the garden as he isn't really house trained but he dived through the privets and I just about managed to drag him back through with his tail and then he almost got over the fence. I found a length of my brothers old climbing rope in the garage but I could not leave him tied up in the garden as he chews his way through everything!

I was so relieved when Will's brother arrived about 6.30pm and he obviously didn't know that I had the dog as he burst out laughing when I showed him the dog laid down across the window bottom.

Will brought me a lovely bunch of flowers and some chocolates and told me that Bear is going to a permanent home on Saturday, I wish Bear's new parents the best of luck I hope that they are fit, active and have lots of patience! He came from a home with a young baby and had obviously become a problem. Dogs such as Bear look beautiful as pups but then grow to such huge dogs who need such a lot of exercise and I don't think people realise how hard they are to look after properly. He wore me out and I only had him for a few hours and of course I didn't walk him. He went out with Will's own dog later in the evening and they can outrun Will on his push bike. They are basically sled dogs and need at least 5 miles of exercise a day. Not an ideal choice for someone with a young family.

Needless to say I didn't get much crochet done and didn't get the buttons sewn on the cardigan. I do hope that Bear doesn't chew through his harness and break out of the garden again tomorrow!


stormina_teacup said...

Wow - what a gorgeous dog. Sounds like a handful though! Lx

I drink cups of tea said...

huskies are such beautiful dogs, but yes, they are working dogs that need a whole heap of work. They are also pack dogs and get really bored without another goggie friend around.

A guy I was interested in has 2 of them, they are also such big babies.

But how much excitement did you have today!! LOL. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Zu said...

lol OMG he was a handful! Beautiful dog though. I'm glad you didn't get injured while watching him.