Friday, 22 May 2009

BBC date has been changed

As promised yesterday here are the photos of the triangular shawl that I made from 5 balls of Rowan RYC Soft Lux. As yet I do not know who it is intended for but I will take it along to the next Knit Out of the Knitting Noras and see what the group wants to happen to it next. This time I can't tell you which pattern I used except to say that I adapted an extremely old shawl pattern from a book (possibly Studley) that lost it's front cover years ago. I have done a couple of close up shots so that maybe you can follow the pattern stitch. The edging is, of course, my own as I didn't have enough yarn to make fringing. Sorry about the photo quality but as per usual it is dull and dismal here in Manchester. So hard to photograph brown when the sun doesn't shine.

I am still working on a 3 coloured scarf for one of the raffles that we are holding towards the calendar printing costs and hope to have that plus it's matching hat finished tonight. Bev managed to get in touch with the BBC and we now have a revised airing date for the film about our Naked Calendar that the Knitting Noras took part in. For those of you able to watch BBC1 we are now on at 9pm on June 4th. The programme is called The Calendar Girls - 10 yrs on. We didn't take part in the original W.I calendar we are just in the programme along with them.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Beansieleigh but shh don't tell anyone I am actually months older than Cher. We share the same age at the moment but in November I will gain another year. I was watching Loose Women on TV the other day and one of the panelists said that women pick an internal age and stick to it despite what their chronological age is. Until recently I would have said that my internal age was somewhere in the 40's despite the crumbling exterior that I look at (briefly) in the mirror each morning. I feel a lot better about myself if I don't look again after I have fixed my hair and make up (if I am going out). I hate those mirrors in the ladies rest rooms or changing rooms that can make even the most gorgeous look horrendously old and haggard. Well that's my thoughts but maybe it's just me that looks washed out and haggard and everyone else looks fine. We should campaign for soft flattering lighting in the ladies loos and changing rooms.

Talking about birthdays I once received a card and it said - Ladies of a certain age should sit in a flattering light and inside it said Maybe you should try sitting in the dark! - and that card came from a very close (at the time) friend! Wonder why she is not on my friends list now. I was only about 40 something at the time.

My neighbour's young daughter overheard me telling her mum about the TV programme and she said you are not all going nude are you? Oh that's gross. Out of the mouths of babes? Mind you at that age they think anything that isn't young, trendy and supermodel is gross so I take comfort in that.


Knitting Nurd said...

Wow, what a rude card to give someone, Jan! The way I see it, I've earned every single wrinkle, gray hair, and cellulite bump, and I shall wear them proudly! I've heard the Amish don't have mirrors in their homes..maybe they are onto something there. :=)

Queen Belicious said...

I for one think you are a beautiful and stunning woman.

I get what they mean about the whole internal age thing. I think I've decided my internal age is about 45! This was brought to my attention when I was being chatted up by a 25yo guy, and I told him he was a bit young for me, and he said "But you're 27?"


Anyways, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think you are gorgeous.