Sunday, 10 May 2009

Another All Shawl

As I said that last time that I made the All Shawl by Doris Chan it really is a simple fast shawl to crochet. I finished this one a few days ago and made it with 4 balls of Rowan Lux in Blue and one in Silver Grey to finish off the edging as I ran out of blue.

I will be taking this shawl up to the Blundell Arms to the next Knitting Noras knit out on Tuesday along with Lisa's birthday multi coloured All Shawl and a top that I made for her out of cone that came along with the oddments that she gave me for her Granny Takes a trip Jacket, I will take some photos of that for tomorrow's blog.

The bottom photo shows the way I like to crochet. I take a sweater that fits me (in this case Jewel by Doris Chan) and I think of a design in my head and crochet my thoughts using the sweater as a size pattern. It is the way that I learned to crochet when I was a teenager. There were so few crochet patterns back then and hardly any for garments so I used to make up my own. My idea is top up from an under bust empire line which is what you see here and then downwards. I have not yet decided how the under bust section or the sleeves will look but I am sure I will improvise as I go along. The wool I am using is Patons Velvet and I have 10 x 50 gram balls so the finished garment will be governed by how much wool I have left after the bodice is finished.

The official photos of my niece's wedding have arrived online and all I will say about those with me on them is fat ladies should not wear patterned dresses in cream. Not one of my better wardrobe choices.

The knee support means I can hobble about a bit better but it still feels like something is loose and moving about inside my knee. When this happens the pain makes me catch my breath. Ah well - not long until my hospital appointment in June.

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Angelia said...

Your crochet stuff is wonderful!!!!! I like your blog!