Saturday, 23 May 2009

Crochet Hat and Scarf Set

I finished off the hat and scarf set made from oddments of Rowan RYC Lux. I have made the hat on the small side although it will just about fit me as a beanie as I thought that the colours would appeal more to a child or young teenager.It is destined for the Knitting Noras calendar fund raffles. I found the medallion stitch in my pattern stitch book and thought that it would make a nice change from stripes.

Last night I was playing around with bits of wool to make crochet bookmarks but I think really that fine crochet cotton would be the best thing to make them with. I don't have any of that and don't feel like a trip to a wool shop that sells it so I will just have to manage with the scraps of wool that I have. I will carry making them until I think of something else to make. I will put photos of the finished ones on the blog tomorrow. I keep thinking of small items that would not be too expensive to sell and yet would appeal to people.A lot of the things I think of would be better knitted and I am more of a crocheter especially when quantity is needed.

Today I haven't done any crochet as I have attempted to mow the lawn and then Julie, my next door neighbour, came into my garden and cut my side of the hedge. Both of these chores left me with piles of clippings to shovel up and that took me some time as my back and knee are still not up to too much bending. Poppy, one of the dogs from next door, was determined to come into my garden and house and spent all of the afternoon digging a pathway through the hedge. She had such a triumphant look on her face when she managed it. Julie now has a garden with skirting boards all around it in an attempt to keep her in. She said that she felt like such a bad parent that her dog wanted to be with me instead of her. I think it was more a case of Poppy found the waste paper basket of Buster's squeaky balls the first time she came through and that was the novelty drawing her back again.

Some of the Knitting Noras are attending a Craft Fair tomorrow afternoon at Smithills in Bolton. They will be teaching anyone who wants to knit and of course spreading the word about the Calendar to all and sundry.

Some of the Noras appeared in print in the Bolton Evening News\

You have to go to the bottom of the page that first appears and then click on the next button (not the next button in the middle) to read it. It is promoting the fact that we will be on BBC TV

Time for tea now and then perhaps a bath before settling down to my crochet. I am looking forward to the Farmers Market tomorrow to stock up on loads of fresh goodies.

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June said...

Jan, you are an absolute whizz at crochet and I am constantly amazed at your work. The hat and scarf set are so pretty, I love the stitch that you used for this one.