Sunday, 3 May 2009

Another Blue Curacao shawl

This time it is in emerald green. It always feels weird calling it a Blue Curacao shawl when it is in a different colour! This one is for an elderly neighbour. Her son kindly pulled down my old garden shed when he was on a visit to his Mum and Dad from Spain. Whilst he was here he got his mother to part with some oddments of wool and in the bag was a half knitted cardigan. He said green was his Mum's favourite colour but she didn't have enough wool to complete the cardigan. As she had admired the shawl I made for my other neighbour I thought I would make her one as a surprise and as a thank you for the loan of her son for his manual work. The wool is Beehive Chunky and is a little thick for the pattern so I have upped the hook to a 6.50mm.

I forced myself to finish off the last sleeve of the black 4ply cardigan last night and so hopefully I will be able to stitch it together and make the front bands, neck band and finally finish it off today. One of my longer projects as I must have started the back at least 3 or 4 years ago and left it after about 10", I haven't enjoyed this cardigan at all. I think the combination of black, 4ply, a 2.50mm hook and a boring mostly plain UK treble pattern was altogether too much. My tension has really slackened off the more I crocheted so it's a good job that it's for me and I am not too critical. The extra room my slacker tension has given me is all to the good as I am considerably heavier than I was when I first started it so there is a chance that it will fit me ! If not it will get added to the "when I am slimmer" pile.

I should have gone to a christening today but as I didn't get much sleep last night and was up and about groaning and moaning around 6am this morning I feel too tired to be bothered. My social life has really hit the skids lately as everything is just too much trouble. Roll on the beginning of June when I see my knee specialist again. I have to see the spinal specialist at the end of May so I might ask him to have a look and give his opinion. He was the one who referred me to the knee specialist early this year when he spotted the problem.

Thank goodness I can still crochet even though I have to wear wrist straps most of the time. Old age doesn't have a lot going for it when it involves arthritis.

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