Thursday, 28 May 2009

Crochet Flower Headbands

These little headbands are what started me on my quest to have all of my craft supplies in one place. I realised that I would want a small piece of elastic for the back of each headband but that my elastic was in a box in the loft. I could, of course, have bought some elastic but as my knee and I are not friends at the moment the thought of a tram ride for a yard of elastic was just too much to contemplate.

I managed to get a lot of sorting done yesterday but needed to enlist the help of the teenager next door to lift the boxes down from the loft for me. He was out for the day so they didn't get lifted down until he arrived home at 6pm. I then got side tracked by looking inside every box and trying to reorganise what was in there. My upstairs looks like an explosion in a haberdashers at the moment but I am confident that it will look far tidier when it is finished although I dread any visitors today! Why is it when you have a good sort out it looks far worse than when you started for a day or so? At least when I have finished I will know which box to look in and the box will be easily accessible.

I found the elastic and so was able to make the headbands but of all the thousands of buttons that I had I only had cream ones that were the right size and shape for the centre of the flower so I hope that they look OK.

The pattern for the headbands is from Crochet Today Special Baby Issue May/June but it really is so easy that I am sure that you could improvise a headband similar if you don't have the magazine. Just make a chain long enough to fit the head with a small gap for the elastic, and then crochet all around the chain (both sides) with UK double crochet and then make a shell of UK Trebles inter spaced with a UK double crochet making sure that the shells line up in a wagon wheel effect. The flowers are simple petal flowers with a hole in the centre large enough to be buttoned onto the headband thereby making the flowers interchangeable. The ides being that instead of crocheting loads of headbands you just make the one or two and make dozens of flowers in different colours to match outfits.

I know I am a bit of a hippy flower child at heart but rest assured that I will not be wearing one of these. They are intended for the Knitting Noras raffles.

Today I have to do some shopping before I settle down to sorting out my bedrooms again. I doubt if much crochet will get done today but I can live in hope of that burst of energy that will make me whizz around like a whirlwind. (I wish)

I didn't have a good start to the day as I ordered a repeat prescription online from my doctors and spelt my last name wrong. It was a typo but honestly after having my married name for over 40 yrs you would think that I could learn to spell it by now!


ambermoggie said...

Theya re lovely Jan and I'd wear one or two:))

alajnabiya said...

Obviously, I should have read this post before I commented on the last one! I am glad you got the boxes down safely.

Zu said...

They are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Any chance you still have the pattern/or can send me instructions for this flower headband. Have tried to buy a back issue but cant. Looking to make them for school fete. Thanks