Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Organising my Stash and Sundries

The photo today is two more bookmarks that I made last night. I think I have finished making them now. On to something else now.

As some of you already know I used to have wool shops. When the last of these closed I was left with lots of bits and bats. Ribbons, elastic and buttons that didn't sell in my closing down sale. These usually reside in my loft but since I have been making bits for the raffles I have needed to go up into the loft to find lace and ribbons so I have decided to use my tiny box bedroom as a stock room. Trips to my loft are fraught with danger at the moment due to my dodgy knee and an unwieldy loft ladder. I think therefore that I will be safer with everything to hand. Last night I wanted a piece of elastic and knew that I had some in the loft so this prompted my decision to bring everything downstairs.

I have wrangled the single divan bed against the wall to make more room.I need to keep it for visitors. Why do mattresses not have handles any more? The mattress had a life of it's own when I tried to wrestle it into position. The full packs of wool in my stash are easy to store. I have a bookcase that I am using for those but it is so hard to store the part balls of stash wool that tangle themselves together at the slightest movement. I tidy them up and put them into storage boxes and then go back later to find that the unravelling fairy has been into the box and tangled the ends together again.

I want my dining room back. I am not the tidiest of people at the best of times but having balls of wool, ribbons and lace all over the lounge and the dining room whilst I make the raffle projects are starting to get on my nerves so it must be bad! Normally I don't notice.

I haven't as yet brought the boxes down from the loft so wish me luck and pray that I don't fall down the loft ladder carrying a box. I will let you know if I managed to get everything down tomorrow. The room is very small so it will be a really tight squash in there.


June said...

How wonderful to have so much stash in your loft, a legacy from your woolshops. I hope you bring it all down safely into your spare room, where you can see all that you have got.

alajnabiya said...

A ladder?! My knee isn't nearly as bad as yours sounds, and I wouldn't dream of climbing more than one step on a ladder. Couldn't you "borrow" a neighbor's teenager to bring the boxes down for you? Please be careful.