Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Crocheting the squares together

I have started crocheting the squares together for the Breast Cancer shawl. I am finding it hard to get them in the right order as my table is circular and not big enough to spread them all out in the right colour sequence. I only hope that I don't put any of the squares in the wrong order and have to unpick them all again! I will put a few rows of pattern around the edge and then put a fringe on if I can find some more matching white double knit in my stash. White and black are the worst colours to match up. Not a lot of people realize how many shades of white and black that there are.

Vicky's shawl is now spread out on the spare bedroom bed and I will try to crochet the squares together later if there is nothing on the TV that I want to watch tonight. I don't have a TV upstairs so I can't watch and crochet whilst in the bedroom.

I am making a crochet hat and scarf in the pink. I have done the hat and about half of the scarf. I was thinking of finishing my projects with this set but then I found a pattern on Ravelry for a seamless knitted Willy Warmer and thought that it might be a good idea to include something to make the guys smile and the women buy more tickets to get a silly prize to give to their men. Anything really just to get more people to buy more raffle tickets. As the lady whose site I found the pattern on says - it's crucial to get the size right as men are very touchy about this subject and their egos get bruised very easily. Perhaps if I dredge up my memories (well it has been a long time!) and guess the size and just hope that the men I have dated in the past weren't lacking in that department. I can hardly ask anyone to stand still and be measured can I? I think I will just err on the larger side of what the Internet says is the average size.

Today it has rained hard all day and the plastic has blown off the logs so I am afraid that Caroline's attempts to keep the logs dry hasn't worked as by the time I realized the bags had blown off the logs were already wet through.

I am watching yet another re run of Midsommer Murders and trying to finish off the shawl tonight. I hope that i can get the prizes down to the Kings Arms before the 24th for the raffle as I am not going to the Knit Out on public transport, after dark, especially in the rain. I will perhaps try to meet up with Rachael during the day and give her what I have made.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! And I tucked the bags in and everything.


ArtYarn said...

aww, this all looks bloody marvelous jan.. your projects always amaze me. rachael x

Kathy said...

Great job! I wish I were as productive as you.

And I love Midsomer Murders but we don't get it here anymore and the library only has up to season 8.

Lucky you.