Saturday, 27 September 2008

Pumpkins for the knitted garden

Some time ago I mentioned that the Knitty Noras had made a knitted garden. This has been on display in various venues since it has been finished and more items have been added to it since. Lisa asked if we would make some pumpkins to make the garden seasonal. My little pumpkins are crocheted but I don't suppose it matters. They look a little sad at the moment as I only had enough filling for one small pumpkin. I will take them with me to the Knit Out on Sunday and hope that someone will finish stuffing them as it will be a little late by the next Knit Out. I would have gone up to Bury for a bag of filling but my knee is still swollen and painful. It has now started clicking when I walk which is alarming me somewhat. I have had to disregard the hospital's advice not to strap it up as I cannot put any weight on it without support.

The tree is still languishing in the garden. My son has cut the larger branches and trunk into logs for his friend who has a log burning stove. He has not had time to come back to move it for me and is working this weekend although he has promised to try and come tomorrow to take it to the tip. The problem is that my local tip just around the corner has a barrier and my son has one of these 4 x 4 vehicles and it won't fit under the barrier.

I still haven't decided what to make with the pale pink wool but have started some crochet granny squares using various shades of pinks, maroons and white which will turn into either a shawl or a pram blanket depending on how many I can make before the colours run out. I have until October 24th to make other things for the Breast Cancer raffle so may feel up to visiting Bury market to see what pink bargains they have on offer at the wool stall.

I must finish off Vicky J's shawl but as my knee is so crock I haven't been able to crochet around the shawl. I have pinned the squares into the right colour sequence on my blocking boards but I usually sit on the floor to crochet them together in strips and then put them back on the board in the right order so I can then crochet the strips together. Maybe I could do it if I place the boards on top of the bed.

I am washing bedding at the moment but finding it a little difficult to peg it out on the washing line due to the tree branches taking over my garden. The sunshine streaming through into the garden and house is worth all the mess on the lawn. This room is no longer dull and gloomy. I used to have to switch on the light many times during the daytime to see what I was typing! I have to limp up to the village to get a bit of shopping next. I need to have my flutter on the Lottery. I rarely win but I still believe that one day I will win the big one. I have to have some dreams and illusions in my life. I know the odds are stacked against me but as my Dad used to say "You have to be in it to win it"

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Cinders said...

Like your pumpkins. hope your knee heals up soon.