Monday, 15 September 2008

Cardigan almost finished

I have finished the knitting of my sister in law's Christmas cardigan. No photos yet as I am awaiting some blocking boards/play mats that I have ordered online from the Early Learning Centre. They had some pink flowered play mats on Sale for £10 for 4 (plus postage of £5) which was the cheapest online that I have seen anywhere. The comments suggest that in play the daisies wear off so who knows - my sweaters and shawls might have daisies transferred onto them whilst blocking. Interesting? I have ordered 2 packs of them anyway so I will have enough to block a large shawl. It's probably the reason they have been reduced by £5 a pack.

The Jaeger Roma yarn must have a really good yardage as I have so many balls left after finishing the cardigan that I have decided to make a tank top for my sister in law as well. I started it whilst watching Charley Boorman on TV last night (Cor! - Yeah for Charley Boorman especially on his bike - who can forget the Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor) She can either wear them together as a twin set even though the pattern is different. She can wear it as a summer top (ha ha what summer) or put a blouse underneath and wear it as a tank top. Both the cardigan and the top are in Knit Today Issue 23.

I am itching to start some crochet and I know that I will cave in and start some eventually. I have resisted so far, apart from a pair of crochet slippers, but am getting withdrawal symptoms.

I am going to try to get to the Kings Arms tonight on the Metro. I will have to be armed with my A_Z otherwise I will get lost on my way from the station to the pub and don't want to walk any more than I have to. I have been looking at ArtYarns blog and Rachael's Blog (links on RHS of my blog) to see the photos of the Kings Arms chandelier and the stitching up of all of the OXFAM squares which look very impressive. There are also photos of the street furniture and tree crochet and knit which was on display at the Islington festival in Salford. Just click on the photos or click on the links in the blog to view them.


Zuleika said...

It's very pretty Jan! I don't like many shades of green, but that's a very nice one I think.

Give in to the crochet, give in! ;-)

June said...

Yes Jan, give in, give in to the crochet bug. You know you want to. Love the pretty green cardigan though.