Monday, 29 September 2008

All squared up

As you can see from the photos I have more granny squares in my WIP than ever before. The first set are destined to be a shawl to raffle for the Breast Cancer evening at the Kings Arms. The second 2 photos are the squares for Vicky's shawl which I put into colour sequence on my blocking boards before I injured my knee. They have languished there for almost a week and then the blocking boards decided that they no longer wanted to stand upright against the wall and parted company so they are now in 2 halves. I think I will have to try to rejoin them on my bed as I still cannot get down to the floor comfortably to crochet them together. I have to lay them out somewhere to keep the colours in the right order.

My knee kept me awake most of the night. It was even hurting whilst I was lying in bed. I must have done something to it despite Salford Royal assuring me from the X rays that there was no damage within and all would be well in a couple of days. The swelling has gone down a little but it is still very painful to walk on and even when I am resting seated or lying down. They told me not to strap it and whilst I am obeying most of the time I must admit that I had to use some tubigrip when I went shopping to Tesco the other day as I couldn't put weight on it that day without support.

I rushed to the door this morning to open my eagerly awaited magazine only to find that I have accidentally ordered the Interweaves Knit Fall 08 instead of the crochet version. I saw it advertised as newly in on Pavi Yarns and never even noticed that it said Knit and not Crochet. Apart from the cover jacket which my niece might like the book is one of the worst ones from Interweave that I have seen. I flicked through it and couldn't find one thing that I would knit for myself. Even the socks were toe up which I hate! I am back to the drawing board again looking for a UK stockist of the Crochet mag. I e mailed K&M at someones suggestion but never received a reply to my query. I could subscribe direct from Interweave from the US but according to fellow Ravellers they are so slow at processing subscriptions. One lady has just received her copy after subscribing in June! Let me know if you see any copies advertised for sale anywhere online. I have e mailed Pavi Yarns to see when they expect their copies of the Fall 08 crochet but as yet no reply.

I must go an investigate the bathroom to see if the huge bird eating spider has vanished. It wasn't one of those really but it looked pretty huge to me when I made my first bleary eyed visit to the bathroom this morning. I cannot stand spiders. I have a real hatred of them. I can look at them whilst out in the garden and admire their pretty webs but I hate it when one of the huge fat ones decides to camp in my house. I had a friend years ago who had tanks of tarantulas in her dining room and I loathed visiting her. It was hard to have coffee and biscuits with them crawling all over the place near me! Another friend kept snakes and lizards but I don't mind those and even handled the python and the iguana.

Today it is torrential rain here and so the holly tree branches are getting very wet. I hope that the logs stay dry under the plastic bags that Caroline put over them yesterday.


Zuleika said...

Ahhh, looks like we both have lots of joining to do in the near future.
I just ordered my interweave crochet mag off ebay, they still have a couple left if you're interested.
Maybe the change in weather is affecting your knee. Happens to me all the time. You poor sight, you're falling apart! ;-)
I hate spiders with a passion as well. I also love snakes and reptiles, which my mother finds

Kathy said...

I think knees just take a long time to heal because they get so much use and abuse. Just take care of yourself and give it time. It took me months for my knee to heal from a fall last winter but it's fine now.

I hope you manage to lose the spider. My son is very much arachnaphobic so I'm the spider-killer in our house.