Saturday, 13 September 2008

Bury Market Bargains

I went up to Bury Market for the first time since my operation. I was excited to be able to walk around it but it still pains me a lot to do it. I am impatient as I thought that by now all the pain would have disappeared but I guess it will take a lot longer than I thought to be fully fit. I took my little wheeler up to Bury with me as I didn't want to carry anything but I think that the handle is at the wrong height and that didn't help my back any. I had decided not to take the big wheeler as the tram and the market would be crowded but I think, on reflection, I should have done that as the handle is higher and easier to manage.

The wool stall on Bury market has expanded since my last visit and they have bought the stall next door so it is twice as big as before. I bought some of the colours in the first photos from them. It is destined for a birthday present so I can't say too much about it at the moment. I couldn't resist buying the Diploma Aran in the dark red. What a bargain at 1000 grams for £6.99. It was a pity that they only had it in one colour. I wasn't tempted by any of the other bargains that they had as they were similar to the packs I have unused in stash from my last visit. See - I can have willpower sometimes! I had gone for some Aran to try some more pairs of the Mary Jane slippers designed by Zuleika but they didn't have much choice. Most of their Aran is in 400/500 gram balls and I wanted a variety of colours. I just bought a ball of red and lilac. I will have to keep searching for more colours.

I walked around the corner to see if the LYS on the Rock is still open and it is. Someone asked when they are closing down and got told that they don't exactly know. The other shops next to them are all closed. I bought some of the colours in the first photo from there. I had already bought one colour combination from the market but saw another colour combination in the shop so I bought again. Story of my life! I will make the birthday project in both of the colourways and decide which one to give my friend and which one to keep in my Christmas present stash. Scary isn't it thinking about Christmas already but we crafters have to start early.

My sister in law's knitted Christmas cardigan is now on it's second sleeve. I think I have enough wool left to make her a sleeveless tank top. She can either wear them together as a twin set or wear the tank top separately over a blouse. That will be one present less to worry about for Christmas.

I managed to dry the bedding today out on the washing line. A bit of sunshine at last! I will go and re-make the bed before settling down to rest my weary aching back before making some dinner with one of the chops that I bought from Bury market. I am getting so sick of ready meals that I decided to get some "real" meat for a change. I still bought some colcannon and some carrot and swede mash from M&S to go with the chops. I might be up to grilling a chop but not to peeling potatoes and veggies just yet.

I am raring to go with starting some crochet but I am going to be firm with myself and try to finish off the knitting first. If I put that down unfinished then it might take me ages to drum up enough enthusiasm to finish it. Crochet is my first love although I must admit that I have enjoyed knitting this cardigan. It just seems to take hours and hours compared to crochet.

The last photo is some incense sticks I bought from the market. I love my fragrances and am always buying incense and scented candles. Unfortunately these do not seem to have a strong scent unless my nose is blocked. I am not too keen on some of the more popular supermarket scented candles but there isn't a lot of choice locally of anything else. I used to buy Ashleigh and Burwood Incense cones from Tesco but they don't sell them anymore, Incense burning always takes my memory back to the 60's and the wonderful craft shops in St Ives. The Joss sticks in those days had such a pungent smell that is missing from the ones I can buy today. One shop in particular burned Patchouli all the time and anything bought from there kept the smell for ages.


Zuleika said...

You must be thrilled to be getting back to the market. You picked up some nice bargains too! I love patchouli! I burn it in my flat and also add the essential oil to my beauty products like lotions.

June said...

So glad that you are able to get to the market again and buy some lovely bargain yarns. I can't wait to see what you are going to make with them. I love the colours.

ambermoggie said...

I love incense, all forms be it sticks, oils or made incense/ We love creating our own from the ingredients in my incense cupboard.