Wednesday, 17 September 2008

My play mats have arrived

No I am not aged 3-8 and going to start doing hand stands on my new play mats. They are going to be used, of course, as blocking boards. I bought 2 packs as they were such a bargain price and I will need more than 4 squares to block a shawl. I had to try them out but discovered two problems.

One - I couldn't find my glass top pins they must be somewhere in my work box stored at the top of the pantry. I needed far more pins than the yellow daisy pins that I bought recently. I had to search about in drawers but could only find ordinary pins which aren't ideal.

Two - I couldn't bend down to use the boards on the floor and so I had to try to pin out with the boards leaning up against the wall which isn't exactly ideal as they wobble. I hope that I don't have to do much blocking until my back has recovered a bit more as today my back has not liked the blocking experience at all. I hope that my efforts make this cardigan super special as it's a present for Christmas.

Last night I fell out with my knitting and only did a few rows. I am going to have to give in and start some crochet soon. It's just not me to sit and just watch TV without something in my fingers. The only problem is that most of the crochet that I have planned is for gifts so there will be few photos on here or Flickr as my family and friends would see things and so spoil the surprise. Stand by for photos of other things. The squirrels were not obliging today nor was next door's cat. They all came for a visit but vanished as soon as the camera came out.The cat is getting very brave since Buster has been at my son's house.

I am going to start making my Christmas present list (yes I know - big groan but it's not that far away if I have to make things) as I am determined not to finish up in a huge knit and crochet frenzy in the last couple of weeks before Christmas as I did last year. I probably will though as I seem to gain more people for presents every year and being on a budget I have to try to do as many home crafted presents as I can. I like to think that by making something it shows that I have thought more about what I am giving rather than just going into Superdrug and buying loads of toiletry sets or searching online for something suitable. I may be up to the hurly burly of Christmas shopping in town for the first time for about 4 yrs but just in case I had better start early.

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Zuleika said...

I was wondering what you meant! I think they're cute and they'd also be good if you started exercises to strengthen your back and stomach muscles when you're better.

Christmas is just around the corner! I'm trying to get ready for it as well. :-)