Thursday, 18 September 2008

I hope that I have enough wool to finish

Eek. I only have one more ball left and still got the front to finish. I know that it is a V neck and so will take less wool than the back but I still have neckbands and armbands to finish. I know that they are only a couple of rows wide but I have a feeling that it will be a squeak with the wool to finish it without having to unravel a few rows from the back. I still haven't stitched the cardigan up as I didn't want to use wool to stitch up when I might need it to finish the top.

I was naughty today. Unfortunately not THAT kind of naughty. I gave the front room a good clean. I took my time doing it and although I am banned from using the hoover I did give the carpet a sweep with my mother's trusty old Ewbank. I just pushed it gently across the carpet. I will no doubt pay the price tomorrow but the shelves on the bookcases and my mother's treasured crystal and silver decanter and glasses were looking very worse for wear. I gave them a polish and a wash and they look much better now.

Julie, from next door, gave my front hedge a trim whilst she was doing hers. She should have gone into hospital next week at her appointment today they said it has been delayed as they have swapped her from one department to another. She has cancer for God's sake. She has had enough setbacks without any more delays. She said she was cutting the hedge to get rid of the aggression that she feels towards the hospital, Her dog is going to the vets tomorrow for the snip. He keeps running off and chasing the ladies and getting lost. He is also trying to mount the males so she decided that the time has come to dampen his ardour. Yesterday she lost him for over an hour. Poor Buddy. He will be a bit sore for a few days but if he is like Buster he will be leaping about in a little while.

I will try to finish off the top tomorrow and then I can treat myself to a bit of crochet! I am going to finish off the granny squares for Vicky's shawl so that it will be ready for her to fringe. I won't see her for a week or two so have plenty time to crochet the squares together.

I might try to do a bit more cleaning tomorrow. If I do a bit every day then eventually the house might start to look a bit tidier and cleaner. I can't do it up to my normal standards but at least it will look OK to a passing glance.

Last night I got a weird disembodied phone message. I almost put the phone down thinking it was one of those "You have been chosen" phone calls from abroad but it was the hospital asking me if I was keeping my next hospital appointment. Please press one if you are the patient blah de blah.


Mad about Craft said...

I do hope you have enough wool, soooooo frustrating if you've not!

June said...

I also hope you have enough wool to finish. It is such a pretty shade of green and the knitting is so neat and even. Fingers crossed for you Jan.

Kathy said...

The cardigan looks lovely. I sure hope you have enough to finish it.