Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Blogging whilst I can

I have managed to stay online this morning but for how long I just don't know. I have been disconnected twice already. Orange says it's not their fault it's the phone line. BT says nothing to do with them. So who do I believe?

I will have to try to catch up with reading blogs today as I haven't read any for about 2 days now.

I have been knitting constantly since I last blogged. It takes so much longer than crochet but I must admit that it does look nice. I am having to use my stitch markers as I don't seem to have the eye for keeping a lace pattern correct without them especially when shaping at both ends of a row.

Last night I managed to get to the Knit Club at the Kings Arms as I was lucky enough to be offered a lift there and back. I really am going to miss not having a car for trips out like this. I can use public transport but these days I just don't feel safe out in the streets of Manchester after dark. It's a sad thing to have to say about my own home town. Up to a couple of years ago I would have ventured anywhere at anytime but the yob culture seems to have taken over the cities and as I am getting older and less nimble I fear being out alone after dark. It's a sad situation.

I took my crochet down to the Knit Club but didn't get any done as I didn't have the right wool for the project I was working on (more on that in a later blog) and the substitute I thought that I could use didn't work out so I just helped Rachael with starting her crochet shawl. It is the first one that she has made and so needed to see how the point and the increases started. She did really well and I feel that there will be a finished shawl soon.

I may venture out in the rain later as I need some bits and pieces from the shops. It is so hard to drum up any enthusiasm for a walk, even though I know I need the exercise, when the rain is pouring down. The weather forecast said some sun tomorrow so let's hope that they are right for a change.

I saw on a US blog that Friday 12th Sept is International Crochet Day. Apparently on this day we crocheters are supposed to crochet in public, teach someone to crochet or just swap ideas and patterns. I have no plans for sitting in the rain in my local shopping precinct with my crochet so I shall participate in the comfort of my lounge and swap my knitting for crochet on Friday.

Cristy you asked about the yarn I used in Rah Boom De Ay. I was unsure I would like the sweater so I just used some bargain acrylic Double Knit in Scarlet that I bought from Lidl. Cheap and cheerful - that's me. I would love to work in better quality wools but my crocheting speed exceeds my purse on matters such as these so I tend to stay with the budget yarns unless I can snag a real bargain in a Sale. Usually when I work with decent yarns these days it is when I am making something for someone and they supply the yarn.


June said...

Cardigan is looking good. I really like the colour. Glad you were able to use your computer today.

Mad about Craft said...

I agree with June - the cargigan is looking good.

Computers & phone lines are a pain and a pleasure aren't they?