Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Camera shy squirrels

I think my squirrels have been reading my blog. They paid their usual visit this morning, announcing their presence by coming right up to the patio windows but the minute I aimed my camera at them they disappeared across the garden and over the fence. Once they realised that I had put down the camera they both came back to chatter at me. I went to get the camera again and whoosh they had gone again. A pity because they were looking really cute this morning.

Instead I have 2 photos of my slow progress on the sleeveless top. There is something about ribbing, It takes longer to knit than plain. I have managed to sit on my sofa today for the first time since my operation. It is still rather low but I can knit a lot better than on a chair with arms. I discovered though that leather is very cold to sit on and had to find a throw. I will definitely have to make some crochet throws for the winter. I can't stand having a chilly bottom and back!

Speaking of winter I had a letter from the council tax saying that after my visit from their officer (she came unannounced just after my op) they found out that I had been paying too much council tax and they have reduced it. They can't, of course for some small printed gobbledygook reason, refund me any of the overpaid money from the last 2 years and advised me that in future I should inform them of any changes in my circumstances. I have always done things to the letter and every year they have had copies of bank statements and pensions so how can I have been not telling them of changes in circumstances. Just when I was thinking I would have a wee bit more money per month in the same post came my gas bill and despite the fact that I am £76 in credit over the summer months they have hiked up my monthly payments by £20 a month to cover the increased use over the winter months and the price rise of the gas. No wonder people are leaving the country for warmer climes.

I haven't been out for a walk today. I can't seem to be bothered unless the weather is nice (ha ha) or I need something from the shops. I seem to be incapable of walking up to the village without popping into some shop or another and I then spend money on something that I really didn't need. For the sake of economy I only venture anywhere near M&S or Iceland if I have run out of something. I won't walk in the Clough without Buster it's too lonely in there to be alone. My son says I can't have him back until I am fit enough to walk him properly and I must admit that I am not ready to walk him every day just yet. I miss him, of course, but I can't face the daily trudge of his walks just yet. Maybe in another few weeks.

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Mad about Craft said...

You may think you are slow knitting this but I think you are very fast, it would take me 1-2 weeks to get this far!