Thursday, 25 September 2008

In the Pink fund raising day

The Kings Arms knitters are taking part in the "In the Pink" annual fund raising day and are having an event on Friday 24th October to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care. In view of the recent news about one of my other knit club members and her recently diagnosed breast cancer I decided to contribute to the crafty items for the raffle. I already had made the deep pink baby boleros and the white, pink and lilac cardigan some time ago for my great grand daughters but they never got them and now they would be too small so I decided to donate them. I have just made the peach baby matinee and hat and will make the bootees tonight. I just hope that baby things are suitable for a raffle I suppose though that every one knows someone with a new baby. I still have some pink fluffy double knit but unfortunately not enough to make anything for an adult unless it is a hat. I can't see a lady wanting to wear a baby pink brushed fluffy hat. It's hard for me to think of anything adult in baby pink. Perhaps I could mix it with another colour to make something more adult minded.

I went to the hospital yesterday for my post op appointment but only got to see the head nurse. She never even looked at my scar. Just asked me some questions and was unable to answer most of my questions about my continuing pain and not being able to bend to my toes etc. All she kept saying was that it was early days as yet and it would be another month or so until I healed inside. I have another appointment this time to see the surgeon but that is not until 26th Nov. They firstly offered me the 25th but as that is my birthday I asked for another date.

I finished up visiting the accident and emergency dept on my way out. The night before I had dropped my crochet hook under the coffee table and as I am unable to squat that low I went down on my hands and knees to reach it. When I got up I must have twisted my knee. I just rubbed it and went to bed. In the morning it had swollen up considerably and was painful to walk on so I decided to get it checked out as I was at the hospital anyway. I had it X rayed and they said there didn't seem to be any ligament damage but I am still hobbling about on it today and it is still badly swollen. Apparently they don't believe in strapping a swollen knee up anymore. I am supposed to keep mobile, put ice on to get rid of all the swelling and elevate. It's hard to think about walking any distance when it's so painful.


June said...

Oh what bad luck to injure your knee, just when you are trying to get over your back operation. Hope it gets better soon. I just love the baby clothes that you have made and they are sure to raise some funds for the charity.

ambermoggie said...

poor Jan:( Hope you feel better soon.
The pink items are lovely:) how about making a calorimetry? or big needles shawlette?

Lynne said...

Oooh, the baby clothes are so beautiful. I especially love the shell stitch matinee. I want to find the pattern, can you tell me if it is Sirdar and if it is in a book or leaflet?