Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Still plodding on

No photos today as I am still plodding along with Kath's crochet cardigan and the doubled knitted hat. The cardigan now has a back and 2 fronts so it's getting better. I have not enjoyed this project as although the stitch is easy every row is counted as there is lots of shaping and I like to zip along mindlessly whilst watching the TV in the evening. The dog doesn't help as every time I get my pattern, bit of paper where I am keeping row count, my pen and my crochet sorted out he jumps up and either sits all over it or wants to sit on my knee!

The doubled hat is now back to where it was before my disastrous mistake the other night. The principle is easy but it's very slow going. I could have knitted 3 single thickness hats with the length of time it has taken me with this one, but I like the effect so will persevere. I am doubtful if I will make another one this method again. Unless of course it turns out so wonderful that I grit my teeth and knit another one. I usually find that whatever I have hated knitting or crocheting is the one thing everyone likes and asks me to make one. Sod's law I suppose.

My friend Caroline has already asked for a cardigan like Kath's. She might get one but done with my adaptations and not worked to the pattern. Now I have seen how the shaping works out I can do my own modifications far quicker by just crocheting the shape in my own way. That is how I learned to crochet garments as way back when I was 18 the crochet patterns were very old fashioned or the trendy ones were few and far between so I used to stand outside shops or go in and inspect garments several times and then make my own copy. Naughty I know but I cared not a whit about copyrights back then. I still think it's hard to copyright a garment anyway as unless you slavishly follow a pattern stitch by stitch who can say it IS an exact copy and not just that 2 people had a similar idea at the same time. It's wrong to make a business out of selling exact copies but for personal use I don't think there is anything wrong with making something similar for a friend. I am old enough to see patterns now labelled as "designer" when I have the almost similar pattern from way back when in my pattern stash. My mother used to say there is nothing new in fashion just the old ideas re-vamped. I am now old enough to see a lot of my teenage fashions being worn by trendy young things who would be horrified to find out that this old granny figure has photos of herself wearing almost an identical garment. Don't worry folks no photos exist of myself in my crochet hot pants or my mini dress and white high boots. Now that brought memories of my Amy Winehouse beehive hairdo way back in the 60's. Yeah for the trendy old grump.

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