Monday, 24 December 2007

Last minute frenzy

My friend Caroline came yesterday and helped me to wrap all the presents (except hers of course) and put them under the tree. I have still to stitch up Kath's cardigan but I did manage to finish off crocheting all the pieces last night so that will be done - Yeah. I have today and tonight to try to finish knitting the doubled hat. Sounds easy but I am finding it very slow going slipping one and knitting one on one row and then picking up the second colour slipping a different stitch on that row and purling. All it needs is a moments loss of concentration and I knit when I should purl or I slip when I shouldn't and I have to unravel again. Argh!

On Saturday I finished off the food shopping. Whatever I don't have will stay un bought and I will work around it. I felt like I was queuing to join a queue in Tesco and it really is true that ALL the mums (and Dads) go to Iceland!

On Sunday I polished and hoovered the house, washed bedding, dog's bedding, cushion covers and throws until my washer and dryer were shouting "Mercy" so that didn't leave much time for my crochet or knitting. With the help of my friend and her son we managed to heave a very reluctant dog into the bath for his Christmas bath. To say he was not impressed is putting it mildly. He let us bathe him, dry him with the hair dryer but then curled in a ball sulking for the rest of the day as if to say I smell like a girl now!

This morning when I took him out for his walk he has rolled in all the mucky leaves he can find - Ah well he was nice and clean whilst it lasted. We had unexpected company on our walk. A heron swooped past us and perched in a large stagnant pool of water just by the side of us. It was like a tableau in slow motion. The heron stood perfectly still on one leg just like the plastic ones in people's gardens. I stood still so as not to scare it and even the dog just stopped and gazed at it. We all stood frozen in time for what seemed like ages (probably a minute actually) and then the heron took off again and disappeared into the woodland. I have only ever seen one before in there but that was standing still and sort of in hiding in the reeds. It is the first time I have seen one in flight. An old guy came shambling along with his dogs and I motioned him to stay still and pointed out the heron and he was so drunk (at 9.30am!) I doubt if he could focus on his dogs let alone a heron.

I am going to have a final push at finishing off the cardigan and hat but firstly a drink of coffee to get my strength up. I am using my new "Christmas present to myself "mug and I might break open the Christmas biscuits to go with it

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