Monday, 17 December 2007

Brr It's cold outside

I have just got back from taking Buster out for his walk and it's definitely a thicker knickers kind of day! Not that I am a thong kind of girl anyway more of a harvest festival (all is safely gathered in) underwear wearer. My friend's daughter calls them my apple gatherers or belly warmers. All I know is that Billy Smart could hold his circus in a pair of mine but they are WARM and that's all that interests me these days. Boy I really am getting old. My sexy undies are put away along with my stiletto heels which I may wear again one day if I ever get my back fixed.

I finished the hat for Caroline's sister using the same pattern (Guys Hat) I used a couple of blogs ago. I really enjoy knitting that hat - sort of mindless tv knitting. I have started another hat which is going to be more of a challenge. Not so much hard to knit but I have to keep my eye on the ball so to speak. I found the pattern on Alison's blog (The Blue Blog) and bookmarked it as being a really warm hat. I have started it using some left over aran but as I have to knit 2 rows for every one it will be slow going. If you click on the link you will understand what I mean

It is looking nice though so I will finish it off hopefully before Christmas as another hat for Kath's boyfriend from London as he is a weekend hiker and I thought it would be warm and more windproof for winter walks.

I am off now to watch Loose Women and crochet a bit more on the black chenille scarf. I decided to finish it off as I had done quite a bit. It is a bit on the narrow side but I can always put an edging all around it when it is long enough as I don't really want to fringe it. Tonight I must push on with Kath's crochet cardigan which has been in limbo since Friday night.

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