Saturday, 15 December 2007

Fetching mittens finished.

My friend Caroline came today to revert me back to a blonde without dark roots and I gave her the pair of fingerless mitts I had knitted for her sister from a pattern called Fetching. I used a double knit and worked an extra set of cables on the hand before the top ribbing. They worked out tighter than the Knitty ones as I think worsted is more like a thick double knit or a fine aran. I forgot to photograph the pair before she took them home with her so the photo here is of the first pair I made without the K1 P1 ribbing. The pattern calls for a different cast off but when I tried it that way it frilled out and the gloves curled back into the palm. This time I made the thumbs with a 2 row rib finish after the 4 stocking stitch rows of the pattern.

I am now making another hat like the one I finished off on Thursday using remnants of the grey wool from the mitts and the green/grey fleck wool left over from the other hat. I though that using some of the grey would make it more of a match to the fingerless mitts. The trouble with using remnants is that there is never quite enough wool! Caroline's son Michael has requested a pair of black mittens. I thought at first he meant gloves as he was trying on the fingerless mitts but making descriptive movements which I took to mean longer fingers. As he is 13 I thought he might have made a mistake with his description so I showed him a pair of my mittens and he said "Yes just like those but in black and not thick ones" He said he wanted his fingers all together for warmth. My hands are already aching like mad today from all the knitting so I just hope I can get everything finished off in time. I have warned Michael that the mitts will probably be after Christmas as I think they had better be in 4ply if I can find a pattern.

My Christmas tree and baubles have been reached down from the loft but I didn't feel like assembling everything tonight. I will leave that joy for tomorrow. I had hoped that Michael and Caroline would help me to decorate but they arrived rather late as Michael had been playing basket ball in the park and they had to leave before 6pm for church service on the way home.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE them! I keep looking for a crochet pattern to make a pair like that. We don't wear a lot of mittens and gloves here with winter only now starting and most days we are still in short sleeves. Sigh. I do want some though! I am so impressed with all your work!

Crobbles said...

I am building up to doing a pair of these for myself soon. I may even take your design modifications on. Do you charge? They look wonderful. It will be my first cable knit.