Saturday, 1 December 2007

I'm so busy, oh so busy

The title should be sung to the tune of I'm so pretty from West Side story. My niece took me to Ramsbottom this morning to Clark's Crafts. Rammy was more than busy and we had a real problem parking as the Santa Special train was running so I can imagine a lot of the car spaces were taken up by doting parents or grand parents of bright eyed youngsters who were looking out for Santa. I hope they managed a glimpse of him.

My stash is as follows 4 colours of Sirdar 4ply (black, grey,brown and beige) for a Kilim crochet cap from Vogue Knitting book - Crochet Hats. I will make a matching scarf from the wool that will be left over from the cap. This is for my niece Vicky as she wanted one after she saw the one I made up a few weeks ago for myself. The Sirdar Blur with Kid Mohair will be for a lacy small scarf for my sister in law. Knit or crochet as yet undecided - depends on the time factor. The Sirdar Bonus DK in the purplish heathery colour is for a crochet wrap over jacket from the Fabulous Flirty Crochet for my niece Kath and the Sirdar Bonus DK in the green fleck is for a hiking hat for Kath's husband to be. The Sirdar crochet scarf pattern is my niece's that she left with me - I think maybe as a hint? It is done with doubled double knit with a 6.00mm hook so will be made in a flash so she might, just might, get one in time for Christmas.

I had better stop blogging and start knitting and crocheting but first I have Buster to walk, the hoover to push and the washer to fill. Woman's work is never done especially at Christmas time! or should I just say sod the housework ( as I usually do) and get straight to the needles?


Rose said...

Hi there I just enjoyed finding your blog and reading it. I am with my daighter and grand daughter just now. I too enjoy crochet and knitting and I recently taight my grand daughter who is now racing ahead making all sorts of lovely things! I am from Manchester so it was a real pleasure to see that you are too. I now live in romania ... long story but if you check my blog you can find out all a bout my family's crazy life!

Thank you!

Mad about Craft said...

I always 'sod' the housework in favour of anything crafty. This week the craftyness has been cardmaking for our Christmas coffee morning at work