Thursday, 6 December 2007

Fabulous Flirty Crochet

Kath's cardigan ( sorry about the blurred photo but the yarn is so dark) is finished and blocked to try to stretch it out as it did come out very small. The pattern was riddled with mistakes. I did read the errata page and amended my book but it was still wrong in quite a few places. I really do get so annoyed when I pay £10 -£15 for a book and then finish up having to work out the pattern on my own. It's bad enough that the US books call the stitches by the wrong names for us UK crocheters but I haven't bought one book that hasn't had mistakes in it.

I still have one pack of yarn left but the next one I make will be of my own design! I will just look at the picture in the books and do my own thing. I find that when I do that the garments fit better anyway. The close ups show the collar detail and the button tab detail.

I have done roughly half of the scarf to match the Kilim cap and stitched the ends in thanks to Gok Kwan and his How to Look Good Naked programme. I love that programme. Much better than the horrible Trinny and Susannah who are so rude to everyone. I would hate them to do a make over on me their taste is clothes is abysmal and if they came anywhere near my boobs I would punch them.

Caroline's aran is progressing. I have done 2 fronts and part of the back. I will photograph it tomorrow. I have to switch from knitting to crochet throughout the course of the evening to rest my hands. I started a knitted scarf in mohair but the lacy stitch was annoying me when the stitches kept sticking together so I cast it aside and have started to crochet one instead. I hope I like this one as I will have less and less wool if I keep discarding pieces of knit and crochet that I don't like. If you have ever tried to unrip mohair you will know that it is virtually impossible so I have about 5 false starts curled up on the sofa like big fluffy false eyelashes.

It was water aerobics day today and I usually enjoy it but today my legs went very numb and wobbly and I kept overbalancing. It has never happened to me in water before. It happens on dry land a lot and I have a big bruise on my right arm and leg to prove it. I almost fell through the porch window when I lost the feeling in my legs after Buster's walk and overbalanced as I tried to get up the step into the house. Once I sit down the use comes back almost immediately although I do get a burning sensation and pins and needles for a while.

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Crobbles said...

Let's hope you ear from the hospital soon. x x x