Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Drat, drat - more haste less speed.

It's true what they say the more haste the less speed. As you can see from the photo the hat has not progressed much more than yesterday. That is because I was merrily knitting away watching the tv, the phone rang and I answered it and then carried on knitting. After about 3" I thought the hat is pulling unevenly. I scrutinised it and found out that when I answered the phone I must have changed my rhythm and slipped when I should have knitted (you will understand what I mean if you have read the pattern) and so had half a row of the wrong colour. If you get the two pieces of the hat clipped together then it ruins the reversibility so regretfully I had to unrip it. It was a nightmare trying to pick the stitches back up again making sure I had one of each colour in the right sequence in order on each needle. Argh not a good evening. I never got to Kath's crochet cardigan at all and this hat is virtually the same length as it was last night.

I did manage to finish the black chenille crochet scarf and fingerless mitts although I had to bleach the colour out in the photos so that you could see the pattern stitch so it looks rather grey. Having a moulting dog when crocheting black chenille doesn't mix well . Luckily the mitts and scarf are for my daughter in law, Buster's former mum, so I am sure she won't mind having bits of him interwoven in her crochet. I have a lint roller but it seems like every time I get up from the sofa to make a coffee etc Buster jumps not only into my warm spot but also lies on my crochet or knitting. Perhaps he is guarding it from Santa's Elves?

Time to wash the dishes and the kitchen floor and then maybe get some knitting or crochet in before the next dog walk.

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